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I still don't see the big deal abvout this new girl shes like any one else this is the only time i had the power to read someones mind but shes different. Edward left for like a month because he didn't want to "eat her". She stared me down the first day he was gone had she fallen in love with him already? Every one has once or still has a crush on one of us but they eventually pass on.
Finally edward comes back and trys to act all normal un til this afternoon, it was raining today and a car came screeching over and sliped it was aimed right toward whats'herface shes not paying attention to anything just listening to her I-pod Edward rushes away "What are you thinking" I thought Im like the quiest in the family so he couldn't hear me even through my thoughts. I stood there and watched as he pushes the car away and catches bella before she hits her head on the car. Every ones out and about "What just happened" Nothing bad really happens in forks its a small lifeless town we have here.
Later in the hospital Im trying to get Edward, to ask him what he had done. "There you are" I said anciously "why did you save her"
"I couldn't just let her die"
"This isnt about her its about all of us." can I talk to you Bella said
"Rose" carlilse nudgged me. i scowled quietly under my breath all this girl had caused is problems Maybe I am self concious but how would you feel if someone found out you were and took you to their nerdy friends and just...diceted you?

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