The Twilight Saga

Jake McOwl just moved to Hondo, Texas with his brother James. They lived in a house just a few miles out of Hondo. The house that they moved in held a dark secret. Their was a masacre in that very house. The killer is said to be still in the house. All the realator's are unaware of his presence in the house. So they keep sending people to the house. The killer walk's around the house at night killing the people that go in the house. After spending two night's in the house Jake started to hear someone or somehting moveing around the house. He tell's James about the strange sounds he hears at night. He said not to worry about it. But Jake couldn't help but wonder what was moveing around the house at night. On the third night in the house. Jake stayed awake until he heard some sort of nosie made by whatever was makeing the nosie at night. He thought to himself "maybe it's just a racoon or a rat." But he was oh so wrong. It was the killer that killed all the other family's. When Jake started to hear something he got out of bed and put a pair of jeans on. He grabbed a flash light and left his room. When he left his room he started to hear a loud rumbling sound. It seemed to be coming from the guest room. When Jake started to reach for the knob. The whole house started to shake. He opend the door. He saw his brother james with a chainsaw in his hand. his brother said "you shouldn't be here. go back to bed." But Jake didn't listean to him. Then James started the chainsaw and started going at Jake. Jake ran out the door and tryed to get out of the house. But their was no way out of the house. James was yelling for help. But noone heard him. James got closer to Jake. James said "it's sad that you have to die. but you can't remain alive. i've been keeping the legend alive. so say goodbye." He lefted his chainsaw and slashed Jake in two.

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Comment by Breeana Miller on March 17, 2010 at 10:18pm
This is ver creepy. Keep on writing.

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