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100 years from the time Renesme was born the romanian vampires had created an army of talented vampires and are on the verge of overthrowing the volturi's rule. by this time, the cullens have helped the volturi in some ways over difficult problems with other vampires that are in consonance with the cullen's principles of 'vegetarianism'. the volturi and the cullens have some kind of respectable alliance based on mutual respect, but the romanians are eager to take power again, after so many centuries. events became out of hand when a talented but young vampire unwittingly exposed a computer virus into the volturi's central computer system while hacking for some information. this was the first overt act for the war that will sweep the cullen family, bella, renesme and jacob included, and might destroy the bond of the family and the love of four persons for life and for each other. what if...? Ms Meyer please expound on this because i really wish to read this story in your own writing...thanks

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