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Some cultures believe the soul of the sleeping person leaves the body , takes long voyages in dreams  and meets other souls........ those of the living and recently dead. Although the word " soul " grates on Western scientific ear , I believe it's use here is legitimate. We could use a name such as " spirit " or  " soul " to describe our dreams as meeting on the other-side. And who is to say we are wrong ? In some societies such meetings may be thought to occur in the real world . In some it does not matter , or the distinction between " real " and " imagined " is not always clear. even if we believe that such a meeting occurs in outer pathways of our dreaming memory nets rather than the pathways of the physical world . I do believe we can leave our bodies sleeping peacefully and wonder or fly over the whole planet. Native Americans send their young men and sometimes women on a " spirit quest " to see what they should do as an adult or where their future lies. I personally have meet other souls flying and we had wonderful times , ones I couldn't forget when I woke up. Believe it  or not !!!!!

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