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okay so i saw the eclipse trailer a couple days ago and i totally wanna blog bout it. it was pretty kool. tho the 1st time i saw it i was a bit shocked. i had 4gotten that rachel lefevere wasn't going 2 b victoria and i was like who was that. but it i think she looks pretty good . edward . i thought he looked good . i think he keeps getting better an better . jacob . he looked way hot . but bella . i could completely tell she had a wig on . idk if any1 else did but hey . but i cant wait 2 c all of the werewolves . idk i just love them . i hope that they didnt leave out rosalie and jasperes stories because if tehy did im sure were going to have loads of angry fans. tho i dont think they will . i think they should stop changing the director . chris weitz did a gr8 job . idk if the knew 1 will but hopefully.
i love the twilight saga movies so far i hope they dont ruin it

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Comment by Missy Yoder on March 26, 2010 at 10:00am
i also saw the the eclipse trailer too! i thought it was awesome too. I cant wait to c it. i think that the new director will make the movie a little gruesome but i think it will still be good. And i hope they don't ruin it either!!!!

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