The Twilight Saga

Chapter Six

"Yo! What up with her?" My scream has been going on for what felt like an eternity before someone finally said something. Some of the guys rushed over to check out what was going on. They peered at me with worried eyes when I finally stopped screaming.

They looked at my locker like I was. They gasped got up and shut it quickly. Two of the jocks stood with their backs to it, as if they didn't put a resistence against it, the head would come out and start slashing people into bits.

I was grateful that I couldn't see the face any more, but I was still frozen with shock.

"Jackie?" A curious Seth asked. "Jackie?!" He was obviously very worried now. He rushed to my side and grabbed me up in his embrace. I welcomed it as if it was the only way for me to survive. I started to bawl into his shoulder. "Shhh, shhh," Seth soothed me as he strocked my hair. "What the hell happened?" He turned his head to the ones against my locker.

"I don't know, man. All I know is that you do not want to see what is in that locker. It smells rank, too," one of them answered.

"I don't care what it smells like. All I care is why it would make Jackie react this way." He untangled me from him and grabbed the note of which I had dropped. When he read it, he started to shake. I knew what was going to happen next, but I was too gone to do anything about it. "Move," he warned the jocks. The threat that sounded so out of place coming out of his sweet mouth, was just barley contained as an undercurrent.

They moved hastily out of the way and Seth advanced on the locker. He pulled the lock out with his bare hands and threw it across the hallway. He yanked the door aside and immediately closed it again.

"Told you so," the same one said.

Seth turned to me with worried eyes. He rushed to me and grabbed me up in a hug as teachers from all over the school came rushing to my locker.


I sat on the back of the ambulence truck, the Peremedics checking me out while I stared blankly at the ground. People were rushing about, calling family, answering questions, asking questions, it was just a big hum in the background.

My phone buzzed in my pocket. I fished it out. I didn't recognize the number, I answered it any ways. It could have been my mom for all I knew.

"Hello?" I ask to the phone.

"Like my present?" A man's voice sounded from the other end. My face drained of color. He knew my number.

"I have no idea what you're talking about."

He chuckled. "Oh, yes you do. I can see it on your face right now."

He was here? I quickly scanned the crowd, but a lot of people had cell phones to their ears.

"Don't bother looking, you won't find me."

I stared blankly, knowing I was going to lose.

"I just wanted to call and let you know that I meant to replace that boy for your friend, Abigail. For some reason, she didn't have a picture of the three of you together..."

I heard him chuckle. "Her little sister, Izzy? She smelled oh-so sweet. I had to use all of my restraint to not touch any of them. It really tested me, though. Made me a better man." He was at her house, too.

"By threatening teenagers?" I whispered.

He chuckled. "Oh! Hang on a second. I think someone wants to say hi. Here you go." There was some movement as the air passed the mouth peice. I heard quiet sobbing.

"Hello?" I asked hesitently.


I gasped. "Ash?!"


"Ash, what happened? Where are you? Are you hurt?" My voice rose with worry.

I heard her sob. "I'm... fine," she said between sobs. "Abby's here too."

I gasped.

"And if you want to see them alive again, I suggest you say nothing to the police." The line went dead.

What was I going to do?


I'm sorry I haven't been updating. I've had school, after school stuff and I've been having some serious writers block. But I think this entry will be enough for me to write more next time. Sorry it's so short. Tell me what you think please!! =D

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Comment by Maddie on October 7, 2010 at 9:40pm
Comment by Kelley Brady on October 5, 2010 at 9:11pm
Your story is so good...I Can't wait for the next update!
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