The Twilight Saga

Chapter Eight

I started to regain my consciousness little by little, but not nearly enough. My body was now numb and throbbing. It was almost as if my body was pulsing. My head was pounding and I don’t know if I was even awake. Maybe I was dreaming the light conversation around me. Maybe I was dreaming the light breathing right by my ear. Maybe my pounding head was making it all up. I had no way of knowing.

“You have to do this, Uwe. You have no choice. You must obey your superior,” the whisperer’s voice was raspy.

“Too much of my power, and these girls will die,” I recognized Uwe’s voice. “And I’m sure that that isn’t what you want. I know that it isn’t what I want.”

“Spending time with the others”- you could hear the malice in his voice- “turned you soft. They are humans, they’re worthless. They’re going to die some time any ways. Let’s make the heartache less painful.”

“I refuse to,” Uwe’s voice was more confident this time.

The whisperer sighed. “Do as you wish, but these girls will not know what happens when they get here.”

All was silent. Then I felt my hair being pulled as I was lifted up to my feet. I wanted to scream in pain so bad, but it was as if my mind disconnected from my body. It felt like my head was bleeding. Then I felt something cold wrap around my neck and hear a locking of a lock. After that, I heard two more clicks of locks. My feet were on the ground, but barely. The slow breathing that I could take turned into struggled gasps.

“Fine,” Uwe’s voice sounded hurt. “I’ll do it, just… put them down from there.” He sighed.

The cold from my neck disappeared and I fell to the floor with a smack. The pain of the fall was enough to make me want to open my eyes. They flew open and I saw feet shuffling around me. Someone crouched next to a lump with brown hair in front of me and tossed her hair away from her face. Then he straightened and walked over to me. When he crouched, I saw blonde hair and blue eyes before everything went black for a third time.


~~~~                                                                                                                                                      ~~~~



Remember, dear; do not fear that one day you will die, fear that you will die before you even had a chance to live.”

“-you will die before you even had a chance to live.”

My grandmother smiled at me. “That’s my girl. As long as you remember that, you will never not have lived a life to the fullest,” she grabbed my chin between her thumb and fore-finger before she turned to the peas in front of her.

I smiled at my grandmother.

I was seven again, in my grandmother’s kitchen, helping her cook supper before her guests arrived. I stirred the noodles in front of me as Elvis sang his song while wiggling his hips. I started to wiggle my little hips along with him and hummed the song.

My grandmother smiled and started to tap her foot with the beat.

“I’m in love; I’m all shook up, mm mm oh, oh, yeah, yeah!” She tried to imitate his voice as she spun me in a circle. My floral dress billowed around my waist and we danced in the kitchen to Elvis Presley.


As the song played softly in my head, I rocked my head from side to side with the beat. I slowly opened my eyes, my breathing and heart beat sounded as if they were both in my head, fighting to be heard. The scene before me was mute, on a count of my racing heart and erratic breathing, but it still chilled me to no end. I saw men and women flying in between wolves, steed-like wolves. They were both fighting and tearing at each other. I looked to the right and saw the whisperer grinning, watching the battle go on as if it were a comedy show. Then I fell… again.


~~~~                                                                                                                                                          ~~~~


“Jackie,” Seth’s voice called softly to me, as if he were far away. “Jackie, wake up, honey. I need you to wake up.”

I smiled. He was so sweet, waking me up like I were a child.

“I don’t wanna wake up just yet, Seth.” I pleaded, “Five more minutes, please.”

He didn’t seem to hear me. “Jackie, please wake up!” He was more frantic now and his voice sounded as though it were going in and out of focus. What was wrong? Was he hurt?

My eyes peeked open and I saw Seth’s worried face above mine, all scratched up. There were other people screaming orders as I was wheeled further and further into some place I didn’t know. I tried as hard as I could to reach up and stroke his face, but my arms weren’t working and I was suddenly tired, as if wanting to touch him drained all my energy.

Then I fell into the dark…


The End



Are you stupid? This isn’t the end yet, silly! XD

I will be posting a second “book” soon… Seeing as how I don’t want to lose this idea, I will generously give you a sneak peek into the future…



Baby Born Dead


The constant droning of beeps and buzzes were annoying, How did you stop these alarm clocks? I wanted to take a hammer and smash whatever was making the sound.  I groaned and rubbed my head, it was throbbing. The beeps seemed to become more frantic and louder with the action. I didn’t realize it before, but the humming, a female voice, stopped suddenly. I opened my eyes to find a woman in her mid-twenties in a nurses’ uniform with a vase of flowers in her hands. They slipped out of her hands as she stared at me. She rushed out of the room without a word to me.

I took the time to look about where I was. It seemed to be a very sanitary hospital room. The walls were a stark white, as with the floor and ceiling. The beeps, I found, belonged to a heart monitor by my bed. The bed, which was mighty uncomfortable, was also white with little pictures of blue kangaroos all over them, which appeared to be little dots. That’s when I noticed my unicorn, Uni, next to me.

The door flew open and a whole slew of people came prancing in. A man walked up to me with a stethoscope and a little flashlight in his hands. He flashed the little light in my eyes.

“Do you know who you are?” He asked in a deep voice.

“Yes, I’m Jacqueline-“ My voice, it was different. Almost higher sounding. What was going on?

“Jacqueline?” He pressed.

“Jacqueline Mae Shoemaker,” I finished. “My parents are Shelley-“

“We don’t need to know that. Do you know what happened to you?”

“No, sir, I don’t.”

He sighed and dropped the light in his coat pocket. “Jackie- I can call you that, right?” I nodded. “You’ve been…”


(Devilish smile) If y’all wanna know what happened, you’ll have to wait and see! XD I will try and post more often if I can… Hope y’all like it!

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thats a gr8 story
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