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Well I just finished the saga, after 4 days on and off of reading nothing but it. And I was wondering if anyone, besides me of course, would've preferred a different kind of ending, I know it’s a people’s pleaser to have a sort of traditional “Happy Ending” but I needed the fight, the Epic Finale if you may say so. Also (don’t hit me please… really) I wanted Bella and Edward to fight bravely but perish all the same, as well I wanted it to be crystal clear that they did ended up together, that their souls truly had a salvation, that even when they we’re both vampires, the choices they made out of love and good will paid off more than just being a human. I do suppose that putting them alive, or as alive as they can be, together with their whole family was their kind of “heaven” or such, but it made the idea that they did have a soul more empty, I only bring this up, because in the book is an issue for Edward and Carlisle mostly… and because I wanted a War!!... ehmm… I mean, may there be peace…

Tell me what you think... am I crazy?

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