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i think that we all mark seeing Twilight as a major moment in our lives, but we all experienced it in different ways. i'll tell you my story then you can feel free to share yours.

it all started in november of 2008. at that time i was a big fan of HSM. i really wanted my friend to see it but he can't stand them and really didn't want to see it. he was (still is) a fan of twilight though i didn't want to give it a chance. so he proposed a deal: "I'll watch HSM3 if you watch Twilight when it comes out." well i thought it over and after a month or two i agreed to it.
when HSM3 came out, we went over and watched it with him, but he texted through the whole thing! i considered that a deal breaker and promised that i would do the same thing through his movie.
march came around and my mom took my over to watch it with him. as promised i texted through most of it and was not open to it. i had never seen anything vamp related before. it was fairly easy to ignore and i missed a good amount of the begining. i acknowledged that Bella's Lullaby was very pretty, and the baseball scene caught my intrest a little bit. what's not to like about that scene? but even that scene i didn't really pay too much attention to. the real turning point was when Edward said, "You are my life now." that just wowed me. from then on i was glued. i laughed when Alice jumped on james and ripped his head off, (girl power!), and i loved the lights at the prom. and then the movie ended. i wasn't sure how much i liked it and couldn't give my friend a straight answer on what i thought of it, but on the way home my mom and i talked about it and by the time we were half way home i decided that i liked it but didn't LOVE it like my friend did.
it kept growing on us though, even that night, and the next day, my mom went out and bought it! then she borrowed the books from my friend and previewed them for me. she finished them in a week. and after going back and forth over it a little, decided that i could read them!!!! by then, i really wanted to. i read all the books in 6 days. i couldn't put them down. i went to bed wicked late and when i would wake up in the morning i started reading again. they immediatly became my all-time favorite books, and Stephenir my favorite author.

well that was more than just the movie experience but it all goes together. so what do you think?

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Comment by abigail nichole singleton on January 24, 2010 at 1:34pm
i love the movie but got it on dvd a week after it came out :(
Comment by Wolf♥Chick on January 24, 2010 at 11:27am
I thought it was just another movie when it was in theatres, but before it came to DVD, I really wanted Twilight, I finally got it right before Ice Storm 09, so that gave me plenty of time to read it. I fell in love, then I got New Moon the day I finished Twilight, on so fourth, withing 48 hours of finishing one book, I had the next. By the time it came to DVD, I was in love. At midnight, when we waited, in the middle of a storm I remind you, I got Twilight! Then we needed some food and went shopping at midnight. LOL. But when I came back around they had a cake out. I got to eat Edward's face. That was when I was team Edward. But that's a different story...

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