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The Forgotten i remembered-Chapter5-Janiece's Pov

My ears filled with everything my everything my aunt was saying. Anger was filling my body. When we got to the hotel Sem was waiting for me. I walked to him. Grabbing his hand walking to the hotel room. When he closed the door. He just looked at me. "Janiece, What happened?" Sem said worried. Thats when i lost it. "He left me." "Sem, When i needed him the most he left me." Sem walked towards me. He tried to touch me. "Dont touch me." I said falling to my knees.



"No, Please dont leave Nate." My mother screamed holding on to my father. He looked at her. "I cant take care of her all by myself." Nate said pushing my mother. I ran to my father. My father had his hand raised. It felt the sting of it on my bag. I turned around and looked at my father. I was surprised to see sadness laced in his features. He turned around and walked away. My mother got up and ran after him. But it was too late. He was gone. My mother came in and fell to her knees. I walked slowly to her and touched her shoulder lightly. She looked up. Her eyes held anger. That was the day i knew i lost my mother.


Sem bent down and grabbed my face in his hands. "Look at me Janiece." He said in a strong voice. "Dont push me away." "Please let me help through this." Sem said with understanding all in beautiful feautures. I looked at him. A bent towards him and hugged him to me. "I need you." I whispered softly. "I'm here." He said. We stayed like that until the sun rose. I looked at the envelope. I opened it and saw it was a video. I got up and put it in the dvd player. I sat down in Sems lap. He wrapped his arms around me. Nate's face popped up. His face was suken in and he looked close to death.



My third. My little Oreo. Nate coughs. He smiles. "You were beautiful like your sisters." He stopped and took a deep breathe. "You were so fussy." Nate said smiling. "You reminded so much of your mother." "I remember the look on your face the day i left." "You were 5 years old." "But your eyes held so much pain." "I knew i was hurting you." "I knew i had to leave." "You dont know how much i wanted to be there for you." "I remember i seen you one time." "You were about 13 years old." "You were so beautiful just like your mother." "You looked so much like her." "I remember you turned and your eyes met mine." "You had the same pained look." Nate stops to take a breathe. "That day killed me." "I knew i had caused that." "Janiece i love you so much." "Please, i know you dont owe me anything." "But bring happiness to those beautiful eyes." Nate said his eyes glistening. "Please." Pleading now. "Janiece i love you so much."


"I remember that day." I said in a whisper. Sem held me close to him. "I thought i saw him but when i blinked he was gone." I said my body shaking. "Is it wrong that to not forgive him Sem?" I said staring at the screen. "No." Sem said kissing my hand lightly. "I love him even though i want to him." "But i cant forgive him." I said. "I just cant." Tearless sobs escaped my lips. Sem let me. He bent down and whispered in my ear. "I love you Janiece." I kept whispering it over and over again. Until my body stopped shaking and the sobs stopped. "Do my eyes still hold pain?" I said breaking the silence. "No, when i see you i see a beautiful happy loving mother and wife." Sem said. "Janiece, you overcame the pain." "Do you understand me." "Weve gotton through everything else." "We'll get through this." "I love you Janiece." Sem said. I pressed my lips to his. "I love you too."

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