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The forgotten is remembered-Chapter2-Appointment of disappointments

I looked at myself in the mirror. I finished getting myself ready. They were coming today. I knew i couldnt look like i had been crying all weekend. My whole body ached but my heart was still in pain. I felt the tears pricking my eyes. I shook my head. I took a deep breathe calming myself. I knew i had to be strong. I knew he would move on. Someone deserved him. I added lipgloss to my lips. Esme had an extra room. She was letting my borrow until i could get my own space. I grabbed Leslies's dress. I walked to the house. I walked into the kitchen finding Janaila with the twins. She looked so happy. She looked up at me and sadness filled her beautiful features. She got up and hugged me. I held my breathe trying to keep the tears contained. She let go and grabbed my hand. "We'll talk when your ready." She said with an understanding look. I nodded. "Where is everyone?" I said. "They all went hunting." "I hunted two days ago so i stayed here with the twins." She said looking at the beautiful babies. She looked back at me and then down at the dress. Her eyes asking. "Yes,there appointment is today." I said. I could hear the sadness in my voice. "I"ll be upstairs if you need me." I said not being able to look at Janaila's sadness because i knew it was just a mirror image of mine. I walked upstairs into the little but beautiful room. It was a suttle green with creme and brown accents. It was perfect. I set the dress down. I unzipped it and looked at it. It was beautiful. It was a white lace v-neck it was loose  but i knew it would  fit Leslie nicely. It was the first dress i ever designed. My phone rang. I took a deep breathe before answering. "Hi Ariana it's Leslie we will be pulling up shortly." Leslie said in an excited tone. It felt like a knive if my heart. "Okay." I said in a level tone. I closed the phone. I counted until i heard the car pull up. 3 minutes. He was driving. I stood up and walked downstairs to the front door. I heard them walking up to the door. But then they stopped. "You dont think that the situation is going to affect the dress?" Leslie said in a worried tone. "No, everything will be fine sweetheart." Late said in a soothing tone. "Okay." Leslie said. Then i heard silence. Then i heard them pull away. I thought i was going to throw up. I heard a soft knock. I opened the door. They stood there looking at me. I looked Leslie. She was pretty. She had creamy skin with deep red hair. She was small but curvy. She smiled. I knew she was nervous. I didnt even look at Late. "Hi,you can follow me upstairs." I said turning around. I knew i was rude but i couldnt stand to look at them anymore. My heart felt like it was ripping into tiny pieces.


"Ariana, it's beautiful." Leslie said looking at herself in the mirror. She did look amazing. That broke my heart even more. She looked at me with tears in her eyes. "Thankyou." She said letting them fall. I forced a smile. I felt Late staring at me. "So ill make it a teeny bit tighter." I said trying to make a close to the appointment. "Yes, that will be wonderful." "Thankyou so much Ariana." Leslie turned and then the next thing i knew she was hugging me. I forced myself to hug her back. I pulled away and unzipped her. She walked to the bathroom. I basically ran out of the room. But of course i wasnt fast enough. Late closed the door. He looked at me. I couldnt look away. There was an expression in his eyes that was unreadable. Even though i knew it wasnt possible for him to age. In a way he did seem older. "You love her?" I said my voice barely auidble. He looked at me. "Yes." He said in a hard tone.  "I'm glad." I said in a bitter tone. "Dont act like that Ariana." He said the same tone. "Remember you were the one that left me." He said in a bitter tone. I looked at him. "Move Late." I said the pain overwhelming me. He looked at me and moved to the side. I opened the door. He grabbed me making me look at him. "Remember you were the one that didnt love me anymore." An-
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