The Twilight Saga

The forgotten is remembered-Chapter4-Painfully being found

"So you want to find him?" I said looking at the screen. Janaila and Janiece's eyes were glued to the screen to. He looked just like us. I looked into the dark eyes of the man who caused all my pain.

"I cant do this" Nate yelled at my mother. "Nate, you lied." "Why didnt you tell me about her?" My mother yelled tears streaming down her face. "It wasnt your business Arie." Nate yelled at my mother. "Nate you have another daughter and your telling me its not my business?" My mother said stepping closer Nate. It happened so quick i heard the impact of my mothers hand on Nates face then i seen Nate shoving her against the wall. Then he looked at me and letting her go and walking out the front door. That was the last time i seen Nate. My father.

Present day-
"Whenever your ready i am." I said looking at my sisters. They both nodded sadness in theif features. But i saw curiousness in their eyes. "We'll leave friday." Janaila said. Me and Janiece nodded. "Friday" We all said in unison. After our meeting i decided to go to fabric store. I grabbed some off white organza and black organza. I went home and started on my new dress. When my hands got tired i decided to go for a walk. I grabbed my ipod and walked through the forest. I looked at all the trees. The green was beautiful against the deep brown of the trees. I reached the river. Kate Nashs Merry happy playing. I closed my eyes and laid back. My mind picking through memories and settling on one.

"Close your eyes" Late said. I closed my eyes i felt Lates breathe on my face. "What happened" he said touching my forehead. It still hurt. "I ran into a wall." I said quickly. Late looked at me. I knew he knew i wasnt telling him the truth.

Present day-
I opened my eyes finding Late sitting next to me. I took out my earphones. "I heard your leaving." He said in a level tone. But i could tell he was trying to hide something. "Why do you care?" I said in a bitter tone getting up. I started to walk away but Late grabbed me." I never said i didnt care about you Ariana" He said holding on to me. "Tell me something?" Late said with pure question in his voice. I pulled my hand away pulling it too me. It tingled all over. I didnt move he took that as his que. "Would you believe me if i said i still loved you Ariana?" He said his cool breathe whispering in my ear. "No" I said tears quietly running down my cheeks. "Why?" He said gently turning around makinv me look at him."Because your getting married." I said not trying to hide my pain any longer. We looked at each other. Lost in the forgotton love that was painfully being found.

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