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The Forgotten is remembered-Chapter5-Get it together

UThe car ride was long. My body ached. My head was pounding.i was exhausted. But we pulled up to the house. My whole body went numb. I looked at the nice sized house. I turned and looked at my sisters. "No matter what happens we have each other." I said trying to be strong. Janaila and Janiece nodded. We all got out and each one if my sisters grabbed one of my hands. We walked the front door. I knocked. I heard a woman. A little dark haired woman answred the door. She looked at us. "I knew you would come." She said with a warm smile. I squeezed my sisters hands. "Im Nicka your aunt." She said. My mouth dropped. "Please come in." She said stepping aside. We walked in. The house was homey. It gave me a warm lived in vibe. "Please sit." She said motioning to living room. We all sat down. "You look just like him." She said looking at me and Janaila. She looked at Ariana. "You look more like your mother." She said giving her a smile. "But your difinelty Nates girls. "You knew my mother?" Ariana said breaking silence. "Yes, i knew all of your mothers." She said. "We were all very close." My aunt shook her her head. "They knew each other?" We all said in unison. "Yes,my brother i guess you can say he couldnt "control himself". My aunt said. "Your father was with Nai first." "I was pretty sure they were going to get married." "But after she got pregnant everything changed." "I remember the day you were born you were so beautiful." "He held you." "I could see on his face he was a changed man." "But i also knew the fear.""Growing up we didnt have a father and my mother had mutiple relationships." "Thats no excuse for Nate but i knew that he feared messing up." "So when he left it wasnt really a big surprise." My aunt said sadly. "About 3 years later." "Your mother Arie."" He called her his little mexican. " My aunt said with a smile. "I remember you were about 3 months old when i first met you." My aunt said smiling at me. I gave her a small smile. "Then i didnt hear from him." "But then it was about 3 years later and he came back with you." My aunt said looking at Janiece. "Where is he now?" I said already having a feeling. "He died of an heart condition about a year ago. " She sadness filling her pretty features. "He left something for you guys." My aunt stood up and walked back into she came out with envelopes. Each of them had our names on them. "Give him a chance." My aunt said. We promised to come back before we left. We got to the hotel. Seth was waiting for Janaila. Sem was waiting for Janiece. I went to my room. I was met with Late standing looking at the city. He turned and looked at me. "What are you doing here?" I said my voice tired. "I had to make sure you were okay." He said. The exhaustion was hitting me before i could say anything i felt myself falling. I felt cool arms wrap around. Cool tears ran down my face.

"Ariana, whats wrong?" Late said worried. "Hold me please Late." "Hold me." I whispered closing my eyes. My mind started to relax. I knew sleep was overtaking me. "Ive never let go." Late whispered to me before sleep over took me.

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