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The Forgotten is remembered-Chapter5-Janaila's Pov

I never felt colder in my life. As my aunt spoke. I could see on her face that she was excited to see us. But she was also pained to have to tell  us about her father. When she told us that all our mother's were friends and close at that. That made me sick. At that moment i really hated my father. But then my aunt spoke about how my father and mother were supposed to get married. She said that he held me. My anger dissolved into sadness. She started talking about how their father werent in their lives. It all started to make sense. It didnt mean that i wasnt still upset at my father but i knew that was just what he was taught. My body ached but i also felt a lightness. My aunt started talking i blocked her out thinking about what my life would have been like if my father had stayed. If me and Ariana, and Janiece all grew up together. When my aunt handed me my envelope and told us to forgive our father. I realized that that moment that i actually did forgive him. I was still angry but he was forgiven. The drive back to the hotel was quiet. When i seen Seth. My whole body lite up. I ran to him and hugged him to me. He picked me up and carried me upstairs. When we got to the room. Seth laid us down on the bed. I realized my body was shaking. Seth held me close. The warthm from his body vibrating through me. I closed my eyes. I listened to Seth's slow heartbeat. I opened my eyes and found the eyes of my beautiful man. I looked away to the floor. I saw the envelope. I got up and grabbed it. I went and grabbed Seth's hand. We sat on the couch. Seth took the envelope from me and opened it. "It's a dvd." He said looking at me. "Put it in." I said in a whisper. He looked at me and then slowly got up and put it in the dvd player. My dad's face popped up. I heard myself gasp. He looked so sick. It hurt to see him like that.



"We'll to my first born Janaila." "You were so beautiful." "I called you my little piece of heaven." Nate Coughs. He is shaking from the pain rattling through his body. "Janaila, i never meant to hurt your mother." "I cant even explain how much i loved your mother." "When she got pregnant she was so strong, I was the one that was weak." "I didnt know how to be a father." "So inside of learning i ran." "I'm not asking for you to feel sorry for me." "But please Forgive me my little piece of heaven." "Janaila i love you more than my life." "Love your father." "I love you Janaila." A tear fall downs Nate's face. The camera stops.


I sat there not knowing what to say. Seth pulled me into his arms. I shook. "Janaila." It's okay." Seth whispered into my ear. "Seth, i forgive him." I said in a whisper. I didnt say anything else. But it felt like a weight had been lifted off of me. "I love you too Dad." I said in a whisper. My life finally felt complete.



I felt like for my fans of Janaila and Janiece. They might want to see how they were feeling about the whole situation. Thanks for reading. Please comment.


Songs i wrote too-

Demi lovato-

For the love of a daughter



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