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The Forgotten is Remembered-Chapter6-Letting this back in....

I laid there and watched the sun rise. My body was numb. Late's cool hands wrapped around me. "I need to watch it." I said. "Are you sure?" Late whispered in my ear. "Im not sure but i need to watch it." I said trying to move. But Late held me in place. I turned and looked at him. His skin was sparkly. It took my breathe away. "Remember i'm here." He whispered. "I know." I whispered back. He got up and put the video in. I sat down on the couch. Late sat down pulling me close to him. I didnt fight it. Nate's face popped up. My whole body went numb.



"Ariana, My second born." "You were beautiful." "You looked just like Janaila." Nate smiled. "You had a full head of hair like your mother." "My little Mexicans." I called you and your mother. "Your mother was strong." "You were born 2 months early." Making you exactly 3 years and 1 day younger than Janaila." Nate said smiling proudly. "The doctors said you werent going to make it." "But i knew differently." "You had your mother's strongness." "I knew you were going to make it." "Ariana, growing up with me your mother probably wasnt the easiest," "You were such a fragile little girl but you were also strong." "So i know your going to be wonderful." "Ariana, i'm so sorry for all the pain ive caused you." "I love you and your sisters more than anything in this world."bout

I stood up and started pacing the room. My heart was beating so fast that it matched the pounding in my head. Everything felt hot. I realized i was having a panic attack. I bent down trying to lie down. I felt Late's cool arms wrap around me. I closed my eyes. My head was pounding so hard that i saw red from the pain. Late laid us down and wrapped his arms around me. "Calm down." He whispered in my ear. Hearing his voice took his some of the pain away. "Just relax." He said placing his hand on my heart. My heart started to slow down. Finally my body eased into a normal ryhthm. "Thankyou." I said letting some tears slip down. He wiped them making me look at him. He slowly pressed his lips to mine. His phone started ringing. He reached down and answered it. I heard Leslie's voice coming through. I felt the tears stinging my eyes. I got up and walked to the bathroom locking myself in. I slid down the door. Letting the tears take over. I got up and looked in the mirror. My face was all swollen from crying. I looked horrible. I slid to the floor. "Ariana, Let me in." Late said. I ignored him. I watched as the knob turned. "Ariana,let me in." I could hear the worry in Late's voice. I stood up and looked at myself. I watched the tears slid down my face. "Let me in." "Please Ariana." Late said pleading now. It broke my heart. "No." I said quietly but i knew he would hear me. "Go home to Leslie." I said hearing the pain laced with biterness in my voice. "Ariana,Let me in." Late said. "Leave." I said this time pain was all i heard. "Im staying until you come out." Late said. I heard him slide down the door. I laid down on the cold floor. I closed my eyes until sleep found me.


I woke up my stomach twisting in pain from hunger. I knew i had to eat. I got up and unlocked the door. I opened it and Late was staring at me. I walked past him but he grabbed me and made me look at him. "Dont do this." I said tears filling my eyes. "What if i want too?" Late said bringing me closer to him. "We cant." I said never leaving his eyes. "Tell me you dont love me Ariana?" Late said bringing me close enough i could feel his breathe on my lips. I brought my hands to his face. I traced his face burning this beautiful man in my memory. My heart ached. I looked him in the eyes. I forced myself to speak. I knew i was slowly killing myself in the process. "I dont love you." I said looking as i broke the one person who ever truly loved me.



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