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The forgotten is remembered-Chapter7-Given up

"Okay dont move." I said forcing myself not to "accidently" stab Leslie with a pin. "Its beautiful." Leslie said looking at herself. The dress looked wonderful on her. It brought tears to my eyes. I hurried and wiped them. I looked up to find Late staring at me. His face was unreadable. But i could see something in his eyes. "You look amazing Leslie." He said still looking at me. She turned around and a smile speard against her lips. It broke my heart fell into pieces. He walked over to her. I watched as he walked. He held a hand out to her. She took it gently. She stepped down off the pestle stool. They looked at each other loveling. Before i could move he pressed his lips slowly to hers. It felt like the breathe was being knocked out of me. It was a short kiss but it said so much. Tears filled my eyes. Late looked back at me. His look finally readable. Late wasnt in love with me anymore.

okay guys this story is almost finished. Yes it seems like a lost cause. But have a little faith. Thanks for reading. Please comment. I love seeing them.

Songs that inspired me-
Adele-Cold shoulder

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