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The Forgotten is Remembered-Chapter8-Making things Clear

I walked to the door. My hands were shaking. My heart pounding. But i still raised my hand and knocked firmly on the door. I counted the minutes go by. Exactly 3. She opened the door. Her eyes widen with shock. She looked like she was about to say something. But when her lips parted nothing came out. "Hi Mom." I finally said. I realized i was staring. But she looked so different. She looked healthy and happy. Her hair was long and black. Her skin was carmel and glowing. But what shocked me was the happiness i found in her eyes. They were absoutly beautiful. "Ariana?" She said in a whisper. I watched as the tears rolled down her cheeks. It brought pain to me to see i had done this to my mother. Before i could stop myself i reached out and hugged her. She hugged me back. It felt right to be in her arms. "Come in." She said pulling away. I walked into the house. It was so different. It was white and cream. But it screamed warmth. "I had it like this when you were little." She said staring at me. "Do you want something to drink?" She asked me. "No thankyou." I said in a whisper. "Can i see it?" I said. "My room." She looked at me a little smile playing on her lips. "Yes." She said taking my hand. We walked upstairs and we stopped at my room. She looked at me telling me to step forward. I took a small step and gasped. I saw a beautiful little girl laying on the bed. She looked so much like my mother. I turned and looked at my mother. I looked at her finger. It was a daimond laying on her ring finger. She nodded. I turned and looked at the beautiful little girl. We left the room and went downstairs. I sat on a couch. I looked at picture. I saw the picture of my mother in a white dress. She looked so pretty. I saw her husband. He was handsome. I picked up a picture of the little girl. "Her name is Lilria." My mother spoke. "She look's just like you when you were a little girl." My mother spoke with love. I smiled. "She's beautiful." I said feeling the tears pricking my eyes. I let them fall. I looked up at my mother. She had tears too. "Ariana, when you left it broke me." She said in a whisper. "Im not here to apoligize." I said in a bitter tone. My mother shook her head. "It helped me." She said. "I lost everything." "I hit rock bottom." "They put the house up for sell." My mother said looking at me. "John, he came and he found me one day."  "I told him everything." "But he didnt feel bad for me." My mother said with a smile playing on her lips. "He helped rebuild me to the person i am now." My mother said standing up. She sat down on the couch next to me pulling my hands into his. "Ariana, I am so sorry." "Ariana, Thankyou." My mother said with tears rolling down her cheeks. I grabbed her. We sat there until we heard a car pull up. "John's home." My mother said with love in her voice. A man walked in. He looked at me and a smile lite up his face. "You must be Ariana." He said with happiness filling his voice. I smiled. "Yes." I said wiping my face. I stood up and walked over to him. "Thankyou." I said tears filling my voice. He smiled. He pulled me into a big hugg. "Daddy?" Lilria called. John turned around and Lilria eyes met mine. "Daddy is this her?" Lilria asked. "Yes sweetie it's your sister Ariana." John spoke. Lilria looked at me. I looked at her. Then she ran to me. I bent down and held her in my arms. I smiled it reminding of the time when i first Satanai. "You pretty like mama." She said looking at me. "No your pretty like mama." I said. "Your both gorgeous." John said. I looked up at John and my mother. "Yes, both of my girls are gorgeous." My mother said with love in her beautiful features.



Okay i felt like there needed to be a good chapter somehow in this story. I hope you enjoyed. Please Comment.

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Christina Aguilera-

Stronger than ever

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