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The forgotten is remembered-Final Chapter pt.1-The Wedding

I woke up. The sun hitting my face. My eyes felt heavy. I got up and walked to the bathroom. I looked at myself in the mirror. My face was puffy and my face blotchey from crying. My body ached. Today was the day. Today was the day i lost him. My heart started cracking. It felt like the breathe was being knocked out of me. I fell to the floor. Holding in my screams from the pain. I let the pain overtake me. I deserved this. I deserved to feel this. He doesnt need this. He doesnt need me to bring him down. I imaged his beautiful face. His smile. It brought me pain but it also brought a calmness. I felt my breathing going back to normal. I opened my eyes to find Late's eyes peering down at me.

Late's Pov-
I looked at Ariana. She was so broken. I knew i had caused this. I knew my anger had did this. It felt so wrong holding and kissing Leslie like that. Watching it break my First and only love. I hated myself for doing this too her. I hated the way i made Leslie buy her dress from her. Just to satisfy my needs. I hated the way when i kissed Leslie i always wished it was Ariana. Now i stood here seeing all my mistakes falling in to place. Breaking my everything. I walked towards her. Her eyes watering. I sat next to her pulling her too me. I turned her body bringing her face to face with me. She looked at me. I could feel her pain. My body never felt colder. I brushed my hands over her perfect face. She brought her hands to my face tracing my face. Her warm hands brought a tingling sensation to my face. I bent in bringing my face close enough where i could touch her lips. I looked at her. I bent in barely touching her lips. "Be happy" She whispered. I watched as the tears fell down her face slowly. I nodded. Knowing what i needed to do. I bent back enough to see her face. "I will" I stood up walking away from her. Knowing what i had to do.

Ariana's Pov-

I laid there. My body not moving. My body felt on fire though. I screamed. He was gone. He was gone. Was all i could think. I dont know how long i screamed until i felt Janaila's arms wrap around me. She just let me scream until it became whimpers and then eventually silence. I just shook in her arms not knowing how to feel anymore. I closed my eyes and just let the darkness take over me. But i still heard a voice. I heard his voice. "Ariana, Go." "Dont let him go." My father's voice echoed in my head. I opened my eyes and saw a blurred figure. My dad smiled and brushed a piece of hair out my face. "Fight, My little Mexican." He said pressing his lips to my forehead. Everything became cleared. I sat up Janaila looking at me. "I need to go to the wedding." I said. Janaila smiled. "I thought you never ask." She said grabbing my hand. An hour and a half later i was wearing a pretty gold dress. She did my hair up in a side curly bun. My makeup was gold tones with a shimmering silver. I looked beautiful. My body was shaking. "What if he doesnt want me?" I said in a whisper. "Look at me Ariana." Janaila said in a strong tone. "Late is in love with you." "If he marries Leslie it will not break you do you understand me?" Janaila said in a strong tone. But her eyes held worry. I knew she didnt believe what she was saying but she still felt like it needed to be said. I knew if Late married Leslie today i would die. I looked at the beautiful girl but all i saw were my broken eyes. I forced myself to smile. She ran home and got dressed. She kissed Seth who was also dressed. Late wanted my family to be there. This was too much. I sat down on the floor. Holding myself together. I looked up at Janaila."I cant do this." I said in a whisper. She bent down. "Ariana, Come on?" She said pulling me to my feet. "No." "He deserves to be happy." I said running. I ran and ran until i was back at my house. I fell to the ground. Getting completed covered in mud. "Ariana?" I stayed there not having the strenghth to move. "Ariana.." I looked up at my mother. She had a worried expression. She was dressed in a pretty lilac sundress. Her hair was up in a curly ponytail. She looked like a gracefully older version of me. "Your going?" I said in a whisper. She nodded. "Yes, i ran into Late at the market last week he invited me." My mother said worry tracing her tones. "You need to be there too Ariana." My mother said in a motherly tone. "I cant." I managed to say. My mother bent down next to me. "Look at me Ariana."  My mother said. "He's not going to hurt you." "He loves you." "You have to go or your hurting each other." My mother said. I let the tears fall. My mother helped me up. "Okay." I said weakly. My mother nodded. We walked to her car. "Mom?" I said looking at my clothes. "You dont have time to change." She said. I nodded. We got into the car. I looked at my mom. "Thankyou." I said in a whisper with tears running down my face. My mother drove like a crazy person. We got to the venue. I could hear the music. "Go, Ariana." My mother said in a rushed tone. I got out and ran until i could hear my heart in my ears. I reached the doors and two men were standing in front of them. "Your late, The wedding has begun already." One of the men said looking at me. My heart dropped. "Please. " I said begging them. They just looked at me with blank expression. I tried to run to the door but the men caught me. I started yelling. The man covered my face. I bit down on his hand. He let go. The other man still held on me i kicked him in his leg. They both let go. I took that as my chance. I burst open the door. "Ariana?" Late said with a shocked expression. "Late please dont do this!" I pleaded.



Okay so here is the first one. Ariana is literally going crazy. This story was easy to write but hard at times. Thanks for the support. Please comment. I really apperiate it. Thanks again.


Songs i wrote too-

Katy perry-

The one that got away

Snow Patrol-

You could be happy

Open your eyes


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