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The forgotten is remembered-Final Chapter-The wedding pt. 2

Late looked at me with a blank expression. I knew i was too late. I let the tears fall. I turned around walking away. "Ariana?" Lates voice called out. I turned to see him on one knee. Holding a ring. I ran to him. He stood and caught me in his arms. I pressed my lips to his loving feeling every emotion. I pulled away looking at the beautiful. My beautiful man. "Marry me Ariana?" He said with a beautiful loving expression. "Yes." I said pressing my lips to his. I pulled away and looked at Leslie. I was surprised to see a smile on her face. "I was waiting." She said. Tears slid down on her face. "You two have a beautiful life." She said kissing us both lightly on the cheeks before walking out. I turned and looked at Late. "You know where we have to go." Late said smiling. I smiled too. Late took my hand. We ran until we heard the river. Late stripped off his jacket and took my hand. We both ran until we felt ourselves in the air. The warm water hit me. I felt Lates cool hands pulling me close. We bobbed up pressing our lips together. I felt all the love at that moment. Everything was perfect. We swam back to shore. My family waiting. "Were ready." I said. I looked at my sisters. They nodded. Janaila handed me some flowers. Carlisle stood in front of the river. I looked for my mother. She had tears running down her face. I walked to her. "I love you Ariana" she said quietly. "I love you too mom." I said feeling warm tears running down my cheeks. I looked at John. He was smiling at me. "Will you give me away." I said shyly. "I will be proud to give my daughter away." He said taking my hand. I looked to see everyones on me. But the only one i noticed was Late. He was dripping wet. But he nevered look more beautiful. I reached him. "Who gives Ariana away?" Carlisle said. "I give my beautiful daughter away." John said. I looked at him. "Thankyou." I whispered. Tears running softly down my cheeks. John kissed me softly on the forehead before handing me to Late. "Do you want to say our own vows?" Late said shyly. I nodded.

Lates pov-
I looked at the beautiful woman in front of me. Her hair curly. Her body dripping from the water. She never looked more beautiful. I loved her so much. I looked into her eyes. Finding nothing but love. I felt complete. Knowing i finally had Ariana. Knowing she was mine.

"Hold my hand." I said to Ariana. She smiled to at me. She was pretty. Her smile made me forget about cooties. Ariana was my bestfriend. She was going to be forever. "You ready?" She said. I nodded. My stomach hurt but i didnt want to look like a baby. We stepped back a little bit. "1,2,3" we both screamed as we ran. I felt myself falling. I screamed holding on to Ariana's hand. We hit the water. I held on to her. We came up for air. I looked at Ariana. She looked at me. I smiled not knowing what else to do. She was so pretty. Her hair was curly from the water. She smiled back. "Can i have a hug?" I said. Ariana grabbed me and hugged me. "Best friends forever." I whispered to her.

"Ariana, i have loved you since i was 6 years old." I said. I looked right into my angels eyes. "You have always brought my happiness." "Ariana, i promise to love you with everything i am." "Ariana, your mine and im yours." "I love you Ariana." I said watching as beautiful happy tears slid down my everythings beautiful face.

Ariana's pov-
I cried. It was all too much. But at the same time enough. I looked at the beautiful man in front of me. Loving him more than myself. Late was mine. All mine. He was always the one. I felt whole.....complete. "Late, i love you more than
myself. " i said. "At 5 years old i knew i was going to be in love with you forever." " You brought happiness to my life
that i was missing. " "Thankyou for being the one that has had my heart for the past 14 years." "I promise to love you will my everything." "I love you Late." I said looking at my beautiful man. My Late. We looked at Carlisle.

Late's pov-
Do you take Ariana julio to be your wife?" "Do you promise to love her in sickness and health?" "Give her a long happy life with you?" Carlisle spoke. "I do."

Ariana's pov-
I looked at Late. Happiness was gleaming from him. I felt it. "Ariana, do you take Late? To be your husband?" "To love
him in sickness and health?" "Give him a long happy with you?" Carlisle spoke. "I do." I said smiling. Tears ran down my
face. "Well by the power vested in me i now pronounce you Husband and Wife." "Late you may now kiss your bride" my heart was beating with anticipation. Late bent in slowly. A memory popped in my head. "Stop." I said smiling. Late looked at me. Then he started smiling. "I told you would want my cooties." I said smiling.

"Stop, splashing me." I screamed at Late. He stopped and looked at me. I looked at the girl and guy on the boat. He held her close. She was smiling then he kissed her. I looked away and looked at Late. He looked back at me. "Do you wantto kiss?" I said shyly. "Eww no Ariana." "I dont want your cooties" He said to me. My eyes filled with warm tears. But i felt anger. "You will one day" I screamed swimming away.

"Shutup and kiss me" Late said before kissing his cool lips to mine. At that moment. I knew everything i been through led me to this moment. The moment i realized Late Peterson was the purpose of my life.

Thanks for reading! Hope you enjoyed. I really enjoyed writing this story. I have 3 new stories coming out. I hope you give them a chance. Please comment!

Songs that inspired or reminded me of the story-
jaymay- the only on i love

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