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The Future of the Twilight Saga (My Vision)

So im suprised with my new found addiction...Im not what I would consider the Twilight demographic..25 and Male. But i have to admit it. Im a twi-holic.

I was shocked i took to the series; in an unorthodox manor, having seen the film i skipped Twilight and read from New Moon onward, before finally visiting twilight the book.

The moment i realised how profoundly i had fallen for these books was upon completion of Breaking Dawn, i was literally engolfed by despair and depresion (not something i usually feel, im not chirpy but i keep calm and controlled at all times) not because of sadness at finishing the books, of course i was sad to have concluded the story arc. I felt this way because i suddenly realised Edward had everything I wanted. Not the powers and immortality, although i will admit i wouldnt decline such abilities, but the clarity and peace that comes with have found your soul mate having pieced together the jigsaw of your life.

Having just exited a 5 year relationship, on my choice, i was left realing at the conclusion that I have to put my own life back together....No More University - Must Find a Job, Need my own flat and must get back out to find the woman who will complete my puzzle.

And so it was that Twilight, New Moon, Eclipse and Breaking Dawn have forced me to address my future, whilst indulging my thirst for riveting narrative.

FINALLY....The actual Point.

I Dont want this to be the end of the twilight universe.... Having read Midnight Sun's partial draft, it added so much more than i had expected, Its not a retelling but a different story, just by changing the focal point of the events. This idea became so appealing to me that i NEED to see it completed.

More than this I would be willing to beg, borrow or steal to convince Stephenie Meyer to not only complete Midnight Sun but address the later books in such a manor.... New Moon from edwards view, his heart break, his quest to protect Bella even as she thinks she has been abandoned (as he pursues Victoria in South America)...I would like to read, but do not crave Eclipse or New Moon to be Edwardised in the same way..

I do however see a massive potential in Alice Cullen...... Whether that be a retelling of events from Alice's view (third person analysis of Edward and Bella, or a one shot novel on Alice's journey from new born vampire to find Jasper and then the Cullen family. Alice is so quirky and potentially this light i feel the Alice is criminally underdeveloped as a character.

Of course I could say the same of any of the Cullen family... But Edward and Alice have the most interest for myself and i suspect many others...So whilst Stephenie Meyer has (apparently) declared that any future Twi-novels may focus on Renesmee or Leah Clearwater; and i dont doubt they would be fantastic, i would press for a movement to promote that Ms. Meyer follow Alice or Edward in any future works.

I fear this dream of mine shall wither and die...But hey we are talking vampires here, so lets not allow that to stop us dreaming.

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