The Twilight Saga

It was a dark and stormy night at Hondo High School. Old Man River's was gradeing paper's on the dark and stormy night. But he was not alone in the school. A kid named Zakk was lurking in the school. His mind was corrupted by the pills he overdosed on. He was looking for something or someone to hurt. He saw Old Man River's classroom light on. So he decided to have some fun with Old Man River's. He snuck into the High School office. And he pulled out his iPod touch. And he pulled out his iPod stereo and plugged it into an outlet. Then Zakk got into Halloween Box sound effect's app. Once he got into the app he taped on the scream sound effect. And the sound effect gave a loud sound scream. Then Old Man River's gave a little jump. He thought he was dreaming. But he dfenitly heard a scream over the intercom. Then Zakk waited a few minutes. Zakk then played rattleing chains along with a chain saw sound effect. And Old Man River's jumped out of his chair and went to the office. When he got to the office Zakk had dissaperead. But he was still in the office. He was just hiding under the desk where the intercom was at. When Old Man River's left Zakk came out of hiding. He went to the caffeteria to look for a knife. And he found a litter and a can of air fressener insted of a knief. He then limped to Old Man River's classroom. And walked into his classroom and lit the litter. Old Man River's then said "Zakk what are you doing here at this time of night?" Zakk then got the airfreshener and took the cap off. And burned Old Man River's alive. Now when you walk the halls of Hondo High School you can hear Old Man River's scream. He holds a grudge for what Zakk did. Now he takes inocent kids to the darkness. It's said that he can be seen every 10 years. When he has pulled enough kids down to the darkness. So if feel your being watched in Hondo High School. Watch out for Old Man River's. Some say you can see his face in the mirriors. So be on your gaurd whe you walk the halls of Hondo High School.

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