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My name is Ashley LeClair

About me:

Growing up, i lived a tough life. When my sister turned 4 my grandparents took her in. I lived with my grandparents ever since i was born and now here i am, still living there. My mom and dad are alcoholics and both had an abusive relationship, causing them to divorce not long after i was born. I have grown apart from my mother and now have a strong relationship with my dad. Going back to taking my sister in. What made us decide this is: my mom had drank alcohol one night, my sisters' dad getting drunk as well. Cops brought my sister to preschool and my grandparents were called up to say my sister would either go to foster care or we take her in. I made the changing decision from "no we aren't taking her" to "yeah, Ashley has a point. We'll take her". 

Now onto my brother. I've never met my brother before. He has the same dad but different mother. My brother is in foster care and i doubt i will meet him until he grows older. I just wish the best for my little brother. Well, i have only seen pictures of my little brother and i hope to see him in person some day and be known as the big sister to a boy who doesn't know i exist. My brothers mother was abusive, being the reason my brother was placed into the foster care system

Now to me. 

I deal with Depression, Anorexia, some cases of OCD, and some cases of being Bipolar. I don't talk to many, but when i do, i'm all shy. Once i get to know you, we'll be great friends. I am looking for friends and also a boyfriend who will love me for who i am, not for how i look, or how i act, but how i truly am, who will accept all my scars. I hope to lead a life in happiness and joy, not sorrow and pain all the time.

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