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I'm so frustrated. Thanks to the ants though. Few minutes ago, I checked my Twilight Saga books because I saw ants beside my shelf. That was then I had the urge to see my beloved books for check-ups. It's been so many months since I last opened these accolades, anyway... 


What are those brownly and yellowish spots on it? Blame this to my carelessness. Arrgh! I should have covered all my books with cloth(so I bet this crap won't happen. =() Seems like the celluloid and scotch tape made a mark to my Twilight book's title page - a yellowish mark. What do you call this such kinda thing??


That was the very first TWILIGHT SAGA book that I bought so I'm haply cherishing that much... But oh well, I won't give this in, still. I can buy Twilight book as much as I want. I won't ever dare to give this up, as well because of its sentimental  value. Maybe I'll ask for my friends' help or in some sense, instead of giving me loathsome gifts, why not give me Twilight or New Moon book? (or if they kinda snug, the whole series will be a lot better! LOL)


A big thanks to the ANTS! I'm still grateful because Breaking Dawn was still in its purchased cover. I haven't opened the book since I bought it from the bookstore.(I firstly opened it awhile ago...) To Eclipse, still in its perfect condition. =)

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