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The Guardian spartans are robotic guardians (nowhere near as good as the real ones.) who were created as a failsafe should the Guardians be defeated. "What? you thought we never really thought we'd eventually be defeated? Hell yes there's always someone or something stronger..." Anyways the Guardian spartans were suposed to activate after the last life signal went out. (Were imortal but not invincible nothing really is it just seems like it at times.) But something went wrong they didn't activate now me and Goodside are in danger of being defeated. (Not right now but by like ambushes or other things you know.) The Guardian spartans were designed to prevent that. But the controllers stayed offline. "why?" you might ask well. "HOW THE HELL SHOULD I KNOW?!" Right now i'm heading to activate they're controllers it will be a perilous and long journey. But i'll keep checking in from time to time. (and yes we really are that fast.) we can travel around the world 32 times in an instant and thats with our slowest guy. (It was recorded before the fall.) Goodsides not close mind anymore and i'm open to suggestions on how get to the controllers without getting destroyed. *NOTE!! Do not AND I REPEAT DO NOT TRY THIS ON YOUR OWN IT'S TO RISKY AND THE CHANCES OF SURVIVAL ARE SLIM TO NONE EVEN FOR A NAKE OR A GUARDIAN EVEN YOU GUYS AND THATS SAYING SOMETHING SO FOR THE LOVE OF GOD DON'T GO IT ALONE ATLEAST IF YOU WILL GO FOR IT DON'T GO FOR IT ALONE.



Guardian spartan stats.


Height: 6"7


Weight: 142lbs


Armor: standard guardian armor with joint protection.


Purpose: to clone Guardians and ensure species survival.


Weapons: Unknown or classified (Goodside refuses to reveal weaponery either he doesn't know or they are unarmed)


Threat to species if turned rogue: Extreme if rogue do not engage or go near contact Goodside or me if you see one just keep close. BUT NOT TOO CLOSE STAY OUT OF THEIR SENSOR RANGE by the way I got the sensor range wrong srry. It's actually 0 - 1,000 miles my bad srry but try to keep 'em in sight!


Sensor range: 2 to 300 miles


Engagement protocalls: to attempt to subdue target and if unlikely or not an option will engage with search and destroy protocalls. If others are near box in and destroy or subdue. Most likely destroy.

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