The Twilight Saga

The Journal Of A Half-Vampire Teen: Chapter 1

Saturday, June 25, 2011  10:22 a.m.

      So I am kind of new to this. I feel so rediculous. My mom got this for me because she said I am spending to much time with my bf, Zack Areana. My family is kind of crazy. We do things differently from other people because we are totally different than anything else, besides the others. We are vampires. I am half-vampire and my boyfriend is a werewolf.

      I am half-vampire because when my mom had me, she was still human. After she had me my dad turned her into a vampire because she was losing too much blood and was going to die. So I am vampire from my dad's side and human from my mom's side.

      We live in a huge house in the middle of no-where (Outlook, Montana) and have a zillion different cars because we are filthy rich. Not joking.

      My boyfriend and I kind of live together because I want to, parents don't agree with it though.  I am only , like, six years old but I look like I'm sixteen or seventeen. I am in tenth grade for now, so is Zack. I don't grow that much anymore, but I have more capabilities than my parents. For example I could have kids if I want or I can eat human food, though it doesn't taste very good.

      Right now I am in my room, I can hear Zack coming. I'll write in a little bit.


2:40 p.m.

      Zack and I are soul-mates, literally. He imprinted on me the first time he saw me, I was only about a week old. My mom wasn't too happy about that, but she kind of got over it. Zack was her best friend, but they couldn't really be friends once she was changed. So it was a win-win. Zack, technically, got me, and my mom got to keep her best friend.

      So Zack and I are going out tonight. I can't wait. He said it is going to be a surprise though. I love and hate surprises because I never know what to wear but i love being surprised. I'll call Zack right now. Even though I just saw him I still miss him, every moment we're not together is so lonely!


"Hey honey, whats up?"

"Oh nothing, you caught me just in time, I'm about to go on patrol with pack. Is everything okay? I just saw you"

"Yeah everything is fine, I just need some hints on what we are doing tonight so I know what to wear."

"Well, we are going to be outdoors, so wear jeans and a sweater. Tell Alice and she will help you find something in that huge closet of yours."

"Okay thanks hon. Sorry to bug you, tell Jack that I'm sorry your late."

"Okay I'll tell him you said hi, Love You."

"Love you too."


       So what does that mean? We are going to be outside and I need to wear something warm? Oooo! Maybe we are going to have a picnic! Can't wait! I'll let you know what it is that we are going to do and how it is goin to go!




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