The Twilight Saga

Chapter 1 How it begins

Today was the first day of the rest of my life that’s what they told me anyway it was all lies this was the last day of my short fourteen years of life. I stared gloomily out of the car window on the way to the airport I want this I thought as I tried to convince myself not to turn around or start crying or something “you know you don’t have to do this honey” my mom said to me ah my mom so sweet so immature she knew I had to do this if not for her then for me I was going to live with my ant in the tiny town of forks on the rainy gloomy Olympic peninsula “ari’ my mom started in on me again “really honey we don’t mind you living with us” “I want to go mom” I said she knew it was a lie but I said it anyway hoping it might sink in that I wasn’t changing my mind “but its so wet where Sue lives” she complained “it never stops raining your not used to it” now she was whining I was from Florida humid hot Florida and I was exiling myself to its polar opposite cold wet forks “I want to go up there mom it will give you and Rick and James’ I tacked the last one on grudgingly “some space” “we have enough room you don’t have to leave” still whining “mom’ I said with some finality “I am not moving to Texas” Rick was so happy when my mom told him I was leaving he almost peed his pants he had always thought I got in the way of he and my moms perfect only child life the only child that would be where James came in he was fifteen just a year older than me and we got along fine but if there had to be a budget cut it was never on James and I didn’t mind but I knew everyone would be happier if I was gone so, I left. we pulled up to the airport my mom arguing with me but I knew in her heart she knew this would all be easier if I left I knew she was thinking about that as her arguments got feebler and then I was on the plane a parka in the rack over my head my laptop in my lap I was e-mailing my friends for probably the last time I didn’t realize I was crying until a tear splashed onto my key board I curled up on the seat and looked out of the window into the brilliant sunshine for the last time I looked down at my tan skin seeing it turn a pale sickly white in my mind I sighed and pulled out my old copy of Harry potter soon I was drifting off to sleep with the sound of my I-pod playing Mozart into my head “passengers please buckle your seatbelts we may have turbulence while landing thank you” the stewardesses shrill voice called over the loud speaker making me jump. As the plane landed in Port Angeles it started to sprinkle the unavoidable rain drizzled onto my face as I walked across the tarmac into the air port my ant Sue waited with a huge smile on her face her son Seth stood grinning down at me the boy was HUGE I was five foot eight inches tall and he stood at least a foot taller than me the gathering looked incomplete my uncle Harry Clearwater had died just two and a half years before I made my move to forks and lea was, well she wasn’t here as I got within hearing distance I called out “holy crap Seth your huge” he grinned even wider if that was possible “six’ two” he said proudly “still not as big as Jake though” he said teasingly jake had been my best friend up here since I was four and he was six “is Jake still here” I said a huge grin now spreading across my face had been e-mailing him for the past two years since I had stopped coming to forks “where’s lea?” I asked sue and Seth shared a conspicuous look then Seth said “she is working but yea jake is in his car in the parking lot he’s not sure he was invited” said Seth rolling his eyes Seth carried my bags as we walked to the car Jake was there leaning on the hood of his car “you fixed the rabbit I shouted” he faked a surprised look at his old Volkswagen rabbit and said “I did?” “Jake!!” I shouted and flung myself at him “well crap ari’ he said “I missed you a lot” he grabbed me in a rib crushing hug and swung me around “wanna ride?” he asked “sure” I said he looked at the dark brown skin of our arms together mine just a few shades lighter than his he and Seth and sue and all of my family practically were Quileute Indians I was half Quileute jake looked up and frowned at sue and she gave him a sad knowing look then he looked back at me and his trade mark smile returned alright he said as he opened the door for me and bowed me in “um.. Do you mind ant sue?” I asked “no go ahead hon.” she said a slight smile on her lips “I thought he would have learned by now” she muttered. Me and Jacob black had history we had been best friends for practically forever and had long-lasting crushes on each other on and off for years though we’d never admit it I had completely gotten over my crush on Jacob though he was still my first and only crush. As we drove, he said “uh… ari?” he sounded nervous “yea Jake?” it was unusual for him to be nervous around me “will you meet someone for me?” he asked ‘she is uh… My girlfriend” I felt my mouth drop open and a slow smile come across my face “yea I’ll meet her aww Jake that’s cute” he was a deep red under his russet skin “ari be nice to her will you I uh… I uh I love her” “jake’ I squealed “that is so sweet ok, you now have my attention tell me about her” I reached over and squeezed his hand in a brotherly kind of way. He had definitely not planned for this reaction “well uh she has the prettiest chocolate brown eyes and long coppery hair she is beautiful and smart and the list goes on” he finished “when do I meet her?” I asked “now?” he said, it was a question did I want to meet jakes love now um… “Yes” I answered “ok I’ll take you to her house.“ We drove down an old dirt road past huge elaborate houses and turned into a small private road I immediately recognized “this is the Cullen’s place” I said confused I looked at Jake startled “jake…?” I said wearily “ok ari your not going to understand a lot right now but I’ll explain one day ok” “yea” I said “ok, you know how Edward and Bella got married last year right’ I nodded
“Ok so they had a baby and named it renesmee’ again I nodded “ok so she grows really fast so she is really mature for her age and….” “Jake!!” I said “you and Renesmee?!” “Yea” said Jake “isn’t she like a year and a half old I questioned” “arghh you’ll see come on” he replied
I walked with Jacob up the front steps to the huge white house my heart beat increasing until it was audibly loud Jake turned and smiled at me and said one word before opening the door “calm” and then he was pulling me through the house I had to give him credit I wasn’t even picking up my feet and he was still towing me like I weighed ten pounds instead of one hundred something “jake” I protested in a whisper he ignored me until we were in the family room “renesmee?” he asked a small girl came down the staircase I had to stop and catch my breath she was gorgeous she had the face of an arch angel as she reached us she held out a delicate little hand I reached for it and shook it, it was hot almost as hot as Jake’s she smiled and I had to also then I got a picture in my head I was almost positive I didn’t think of a picture of me and renesmee sitting on first beach in la push with jake and a boy I recognized from somewhere in the corner I heard someone move for the first time it was a small cough like growl it came from Edward Cullen he was almost as angelic as his daughter and didn’t look much older while his daughter looked around fourteen he looked only a few years older maybe seventeen I released renesmee’ hand and said a small “nice to meet you” she laughed it was a tinkling of bells a beautiful sound “hello ari” it was Edward we knew each other but really didn’t talk much though I had nothing against him “hello Edward” I said smiling he smiled back incredulous look on his face “good morning ari” I turned to the speaker and I was sure my eyes popped out of my head “Bella?” the person before me was not the awkward brown eyed off balance girl I remembered from trips to la push she was beautiful with caramel colored eyes and a completely new sense of balance the last time I had saw her she was pulling herself out of a tide pool at first beach I smiled to myself remembering Edward laughed at something and Bella shot him a curious look and said “the very same” “hi bells” I answered her radiant glow with a smile “ari?!” I turned with an expectant smile on my face I knew that unique voice “Alice?!!!” she ran down the stairs with her dancers step and flung herself at me giving me a freezing hug “I haven’t seen you in ages” I said “has it been that long” she said thoughtfully “no” I giggled me and Alice went way back we had been friends since I was in third grade she hadn’t aged at all I knew there was something very interesting with the Cullen’s but I didn’t really care what as this thought flew through my head two things happened at once Edward almost choked or made a sound that suggested it and Alice’s face went completely blank I was used to it and didn’t react they said she went into episodes like that sometimes but I thought she was seeing something that no one else could Edward was there beside Alice “how do you know that” he hissed I knew it I thought there was something very special about the Cullen’s. He growled and looked at Jacob “did you tell her” he said in a deadly voice “tell her? NO! I DIDN’T I SWEAR” I spoke up “he didn’t tell me anything I guessed” I almost couldn’t hold back the smile that was fighting its way onto my face Edward glared then muttered something that sounded a lot like “of course your Bella’s friend what is with all these perceptive girls?!” I laughed and he turned to stare at me incredulously “do you realize what you are now in the middle of?” “I believe I do’ I said “I always knew the Cullen’s were special then Bella married you now she is… special too and I’ve known there was something Jake couldn’t even explain even to himself I just want a little clarification” “I think she deserves to know if she made that intellectual leap” Bella laughed “NO!!” roared Edward “hush’ I commanded “if I guess will you tell me if I’m rite?” a smug look came onto Edwards face “yes” he said way to overconfident “um… Edward she is smarter than that’ said Jacob give her some credit” “Jacob you know what I can do she doesn’t know” “yet” I muttered “your funeral said jake which made him smile “renesmee?” I asked she looked up and nodded “do you mind if I guess??” “No go ahead but thank you for asking me she smiled” and Alice now apparently back mumbled to Edward “are you willing to bet against me?” Edward grimaced and she chortled her bell laugh “alright let’s get the show on the road I said walking up to observe Edward more closely.
As I approached I flipped my hair out of my face he stiffened I looked in his eyes they were black pools of onyx a clue I thought and hummed to myself as I examined him I touched his arm experimentally his jaw tightened “sorry” I muttered but it didn’t stop me from poking him his skin was hard like marble and cold like the marble had been left in a snow storm interesting I thought “what?” asked Edward I smiled he could read my mind “damn it!” he muttered and I giggled “black eyes” I muttered it was a trap “so?” he said and I inhaled his breath sweet sickly sweet and icy burning my nose like menthol uck! I exclaimed despite my efforts what he said and I smiled “I have a theory” “and she has theories to definitely Bella’s friend” I frowned at him “tell me one” he insisted “I have only one and I know it’s rite” I was nervous now delaying and reciting the alphabet backwards in my head so my thoughts were jumbled “tell me!” he insisted again “wow you blood suckers have no patience” I said it in a playful tone hoping to ease the moment Alice was first to respond “ha! Edward you owe me a red Porsche, I knew you could do it ari” she sang and ran forward to give me a hug and peck on the cheek everyone in the room froze I laughed and hugged her back the tension passed “well your part of the family now ari” said renesmee as she danced over to hug me to she was a lot like her ant Alice “I think we will be friends” she said and I said “of course your with my best friend we have to like each other” she giggled I walked up to Jake and frowned hard “I cant figure you out yet but I will” “ok enough detective work ill tell you later ari, do you wanna go see Quil and Embry?” “Yes!!” I said distracted “ok, their on first beach lets go, renesmee?” “Of course I’m coming” she said smiling and dancing up to us “I’d never miss a chance to hang with my new best friend” I smiled and said “I hope we will be friends forever” she shot a loaded glance at Jake and said “that is a possibility”.
We drove down to first beach in high spirits listening to loud music and joking renesmee and I hit it off immediately I didn’t even have to pretend to like her at first which I was prepared for. When we got to the beach we found Quil without an embry that was unusual Quil Ateara Jacob black and Embry Call had been best friends since I could remember and I had been accepted into the group immediately we all got along and were inseparable. As soon as we were in sight of him Jacob shouted “quil look who I found” quil looked up from playing with a little girl with a blonde pony tail “ari!!” he shouted and then he tackled me, quil had always been like this he was outgoing, big mouthed, excitable and completely one of the most loving people I had ever met “QUIL!!” I shouted as he swung me around now that he was closer, much closer for me, I could see he was also massive almost as big as jake “Jesus do they feed you Quileute boys steroids” I laughed “probably” laughed quil to excited to get ticked yet. “Where’s Embry?” I asked a dark look came over quils face and he looked at jake “he is trying to imprint again staring at every girl that walks within twenty feet of him like he’s having a heart attack” “imprint?” I asked worried quil looked at me incredulously “you didn’t tell her?!” “No” said jake coldly “you know it’s gonna happen jake it will happen to her” “we’ll see” said jake with finality which stopped quils argument. Then I heard a very familiar voice “no luck quil, of course” and then “hey jake” he sounded gloomy I was still pondering what imprinting was when jake said “look who we found” and grabbed my shoulder and pulled me out from behind quil “ari!!” he shouted then cut off like his air was sucked from his lungs “Embry?!” We all said at the same time he was looking at me like he had seen the light.
“Embry?!” Jake shook him he took his first breath and jake relaxed “dude you alright? I’m not surprising you any more if your gonna stop breathing” “Jake” embry choked out “yea?…” jake was worried again “I did it” he said like it all fit “did what?… dude are you…” now he was staring at me “you… no not with ari dude you’ve known her forever what the hell dude… NO, NO!!” “ari” embry said my name like a person seeing Jesus “embry are you ok?!” I asked hesitantly Quil was jumping up and down “awesome, awesome, awesome!!” he was yelling “he did it jake cut him some slack dude!!!” “NO!! I’m happy but not ari you saw what Sam did to Emily she is like my sister dude” now Quil was on the defense for his brother who was apparently in some trance locked on me “oh but when Paul imprinted on your real sister everything was peachy Paul has way less control than your best friend embry” “that’s different my sister was older and she knew what she was doing” “so does ari she has a choice jake we’re going to tell her everything don’t forget embry cant hide things from her anymore” jake looked torn and I was so confused my head was spinning as I wobbled on my feet embry was suddenly there holding me up he was also huge his skin felt so hot it had to be over a hundred degrees wow “embry your skin is hot” he flashed a smile at me then looked worriedly at jake then he looked back into my eyes it seemed he couldn’t keep his eyes off me for long when I looked away back at jake his anger had vanished love was there and pain it hurt me to see jake in pain “um… would someone like to explain?” I asked embry nodded and then looked at jake, jake nodded his consent but stood his ground renesmee stepped in grabbing jake and quil by their arms and started to tow them in the opposite direction quil scooped the blonde girl Clair was her name I remembered and they walked to the little store down the beach I looked back at embry who was still holding me close to his sweltering body and looking at my face like a blind man seeing the sun “um… what was that about?” I asked him stepping away so I could cool down I was starting to sweat his face twisted a little and he said “well ari, you know how me and jake and quil are always so hot?” I nodded “ok well, crap, do you know the Quileute legends about the cold ones, the blood suckers, vampires” he said all three waiting for me to respond I just nodded I couldn’t trust my voice I knew where this was going “do you know they’re all true?” again I nodded he seemed shocked “oh well do you know the story about the wolf brothers?” I nodded we had been told the legend of how a great chief had taken over the body of a wolf to fight a battle and how the men had stayed friends with the wolves using their bodies to transport their spirits “did you know that story is true too?” “no” my voice shook as I answered “well it is and I am living proof” he said my breathe caught in my throat “you’re a werewolf” it was a statement but he said “ yes” anyway “show me” I said smiling “you think I’m joking!” he accused “no really I don’t” I said “but I wanna see” “are you sure?” he was hesitant “definitely” “ok give me a sec” and with that he ran off into the woods by the beach I stood there for maybe two minuets I was just about to walk down to the store to see if he was joking then Embry came walking out on four legs he was massive and a beast he had beautiful brown fur he stopped a few feet away giving me a chance to run I’m sure I walked up to him hand extended a hand he sat down so I could reach his head easily I touched his silky fur and rubbed behind his ears “embry?” I asked not sure what I expected the wolf nodded his huge head I smiled and whispered “you’re beautiful you know?” he leaned his head against my chest and groaned “alright I said will you turn human so we can talk?” he nodded eager he trotted back to the trees and a few minuets later came loping across the beach to me looking just as human as me, again he stopped a few feet away gauging my expression I walked up to him “why didn’t you tell me before?” I asked “well it only happened about two years ago” he said sheepishly “so there’s more explaining to do what happened a few minuets ago with you stopping breathing” he blushed now his beautiful skin going red under the brown “I uh… I imprinted on you” he looked like he was waiting for screaming “what’s that” I asked “well it’s a wolf thing” “go on” I said “well I cant explain it right but basically I see a girl in my case you and everything gets all clear for once and you are instantly in love with her and nothing else matters just her, keeping her safe, happy and if she doesn’t want you as a-a soul mate then they’ll be anything she’ll take a best friend or in quil and Clair’s case a baby sitter” he finished letting out the rest of his air in a huff I couldn’t say anything my mouth hung open in an o shape “so I guess what I’m saying is will you take me as anything I will be whatever you want because I can never leave you I love you” he wasn’t making it easier to respond so I just walked forward and hugged him of course I would take him the pain and complete honesty in his voice was almost to much to bare I found my voice in he middle of hugging him I could tell he was tense waiting for my answer “of course I’ll take you Embry as anything you will be for me” he hugged me back ferociously picking me up off the ground and swirling me through the air “really? You don’t think I’m a monster?” “No embry I don’t” I said laughing as he sat me on my feet “let’s go find jake” he said “wait has jake imprinted?” I asked “Yea on renesmee” he said matter of factly “what?” my mouth had dropped open “isn’t she a vampire?” I asked amazed “part vamp part human” “aren’t you enemies of the cold ones” I asked incredulously “only the human killers the Cullen’s eat animals” he said “oh ok lets go” I shrugged, he laughed “your taking this lightly” “aww well I’m used to weird by now I guess” he picked me up in his arms suddenly and cradled me “embry!?” I protested “sorry ari but your not coming down he replied “I’m too happy”.

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Comment by hermie black on November 29, 2009 at 12:29am
WOW! quite, a story u got there.
did i like it?
I LOVE IT!:) (hope i didn't scare u)
a/n you, should totally post more. i really, do love it.
please keep me updated.

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