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Tt was cold,dark and dank where i was. Blood flowed from various places on my body, The earth beneath me was soft and the stars above glistened. My breathing was slow.I couldnt move. I was stabbed forty-six times and i knew i wouldnt live through this.Then I heard a laugh so menacing i cringed. He stood over me staring me down smiling a dark smile. Then he spoke " Sweet child i will make your death so much quicker". My eyes widend i didnt want to die i wanted to be home, warm with my parents. He put his hands around my neck. A tear escaped from my eye, i closed them. "Sweet Dreams" he said to me. Hello my Name is Kylee Cabot and i died January 24th, 2011. My Birthday

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Tags: Death., The.last, afterlife, birthday, fan, fiction, ghost, i, kylee, remember, More…thing, twilight


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