The Twilight Saga

The Life Of A teenage Vampire Chpt.21

He gritted his teeth and his hands balled up into fists at his sides. "Why would she even try to do that?" He asked.

"She wants Mike but Jackie loves him, so in order to get to him..." I looked down. "I won't let her get away with it," he

hissed. He looked so mad . But who wouldn't be mad if their girlfriend's former best friend tried to kill his sister?

'We will have to fight for her. John and I. We can stop her.' Steven thought . "Steven, I want to help you fight."

I said , looking up at his calmer face. He seemed to be holding back some emotion he didn't want me to see.

He shook his head . "No, it's too dangerous. I can't lose you like... I lost my parents." I kinda figured he didn't have parents

before when I met his brother and sister. He had never really thought about it before though, or brought it up .

I was standing in front of him now. He sighed and took my hands in his. "It was a cold, crisp night. I remember it

perfectly.  They were out hunting

much like you and I were. But alone. They were vampires of course. Meanwhile, John, Jackie and I were at home

playing cards. " He paused for a minute ,remembering. "It was very late when they still weren't home. I became worried.

John told me to relax, that it was nothing , that they had just found alot of bears. Of course, I didn't believe him.

I set out looking for them , trying to tune out Jackie's frantic screams, "Steven! Come back ! " Eventually I found them

deep in the dark forest. "Mom! Dad!" , I had called. Then I saw a most horrific sight--" , he looked at me . "Are you sure

you want to know this part?" He asked. I braced myself for whatever he was about to say. "Yes."  He continued.

"I saw a huge silver wolf howling and yelping . He seemed to be tearing at something. Every few seconds I heard a

piercing scream of pain . When my eyes had finally focused in the darkness. I noticed that hard white chunks were

flying everywhere. One almost hit me but I ran out of the way. I was terrified but I wasn't going to leave my parents.

They were fighting with that enormous creature! But it looked like they were going to lose. I hid behind a large oak tree

afraid . I watched my parents' body parts get bitten off piece by piece. " I saw in his mind this sight now. I almost

screamed but I pressed my lips together tightly. "I watched helplessly as my mother's head was ripped off. I knew that

she was gone forever now . My father was next , then it was over , the screams silenced and the wolf seemed to

smile. He gathered all the limp body parts and ran off with them in his mouth. I never saw the strange wolf or my

parents again."   Tears rolled down my eyes. "Oh I'm  so sorry!" I cried . He held his arms open for me and I collapsed

into ruffled sobs against his marble chest. He stroked my hair. " It's not your fault.I should've done something. But I

just watched as they died."

 "I'm a terrible person."  "No, don't ever say that!" I told him firmly. "Do you understand now why I can't risk your life?"

He asked me , seriously. "Yes, but I want to help. I don't want anything to happen to you etheir!" I almost shouted.

He sighed , "No , I love you too much."  "We'll see," i told him , smiling. "I love you too." I finished. He half smiled.

Then he pressed his lips lightly to mine for a moment.

"You think you can sneak past me?" He asked , his eyes incredulous. "Sure , it will be a piece of cake." I said

confidently. I attempted to race past him , to no avail. He had scooped me up in his arms within two seconds.

He grinned , smugly. "That's not fair." I protested . But then I smelled his cool , minty breath. I wrapped my arms

around his neck and kissed him. He kissed me back. "We should be getting back." He pointed to the sun rising in the

sky. "Right," I grumbled. He laughed.


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