The Twilight Saga

The Life Of A Teenage Vampire Chpt.30

I stared at him bewildered. Then I felt a surge of electricity as his right hand cupped my cheek. He leaned in ,brushing

his lips over mine and then pulled back ,when it seemed like I would never stop. He laughed bitterly. Then he took my

hand and he carried me onto the surprisingly soft bed. He leaned over me a moment, kissing my neck until I pulled his

face up and met his lips. They were marble smooth. Then I realized what we were about to do. We weren't married yet-

not even engaged . But honestly , I didn't want to stop. My lips kept moving , a little more urgent , as my brain told

me to stop and wait . Finally I pulled away. He looked hurt and his amber eyes widened. "I'm sorry." He whispered ,

looking away. "About what?" I asked , confusedly. "I went too far. I should've known better." He gritted his teeth

together. I grabbed his chin , ever so gently , and turned his face towards mine. "It's ok. I was the one getting carried

away. " I told him , firmly. He finally looked at me and then he smiled. "Well maybe if you weren't so breath takingly

gorgeous..." He said pecking my lips and then he layed back. I sat cross legged , facing him. "Steven?" I said , quietly.

"Yes?" He replied. I wanted to ask a question I had always wanted to know. "Where did you find me? I mean why did

you just have to save me?"  He sat up and took my hand. Then he started. "I was heading back to my house. It was

cool and clear outside. Then I smelled a delicious fragrance. Like honey and pomegranets . A strange yet , very 

appealing combination. It made my throat burn . " He hesitated ." I followed the scent

 , wanting to quench my aching thirst. Then I saw you. The wild dogs were all over you ; mauling you to death.

I hissed at them and they whimpered and ran away. You screamed at the sight of me. I probably had blood on my

lips from the previous hunt. I was crouched down , ready to leap onto you. Then I actually saw how beautiful you

were. Your long auburn hair was teased and your eyes held mine , they were big and chocolate brown. They were

wide with terror. You had a deep gash across your face , blood was dripping from it . Your clothes were ripped

and torn and - a bit revealing." He smiled wryly at me before continuing . " Then I saw where several dog's teeth

had bitten into your neck. The blood streaked down your throat. Your legs were bruised and covered in cuts.

You were holding your right arm like a broken wing. You tried to get up but you stumbled and fell. You moaned in

pain. I straightened out of my crouch and stopped breathing through my nose. Then I took a couple steps towards

you. You scooted as far back as the brick wall behind you would allow. I decided to spare you. I held out my hand

to you . You reached , with caution , to take it but then you collapsed. I knew then that your time was numbered.

I knew of only one way to save you. To make you like me ; like us , a vampire. I bent down and pressed my lips to

your throat before I - made you a vampire. It was hard to stop so that I wouldn't kill you. But as soon as I saw

you I fell in love. I wanted you and maybe that was selfish.You were healed instantly and had , obviously , forgotten all about

the encounter. You turned out pretty good if I do say so myself. " He finished smiling wider. I had watched the whole

thing play out in his mind. I had looked really messed up and frightened. He took my other hand. I smiled warmly at

him. Touched by the story. Then I thought of a new question. " Are we really moving ?" I asked in disbelief.

There was a small tightening of his eyes. "Yes."  "Where are we going ?" I asked curiously . "I think Italy." He

answered. Ooh romantic. I smiled a little to myself.

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Comment by yvette lautner on April 29, 2011 at 2:48pm
aww so cute <3 write more soon! (:
Comment by Katie Williams on April 29, 2011 at 1:05pm

r u going to continue?


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