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I didn't want to hurt his feelings so I kept my face smooth. "You know-I struggled with the words- in the future.

Hopefully we'll always be together . It would be so unbearable ."  He looked down , disappointed. "Why can't we

get married now? We love each other right? Who cares what other people think. " He took both my hands now , looking

into my eyes. His lips smoothed over mine before he pulled away to continue staring. "Of course I love you! And I 

could give a crap about what other people think.. it's just that..." I trailed off embarrassed. His brow furrowed  , "

You can tell me anything , I'll understand." "Okay well... we're too young... I mean 17 . My parents will kill me . 

So lets just wait until we're older lets say at least '18' for the humans."  He nodded unwillingly , "Alright." 

Then a dark smile spread across his beautiful face. "What?" I demanded. "Valentines day is tomorrow." 

I sighed and looked at our hands still intertwined , I smoothed my palm over his chest. When I didn't respond he 

spoke again , "Please let me get you something. It won't be big. " He almost begged. Why did he want to buy me 

things? He must've wanted to make me happy , like always. I couldn't blame him , I'd want that for him to. Except 

what on earth would I get this perfect man? "Steven, I can't get you anything in return." He shook his head , "Don't 

be unesassary , your life is enough." He smiled hypnotically again. When it didn't look like I was going to respond 

again he opened his mouth ,"Please," he said seductively. "If it makes you happy." I whispered his presence was 

knocking the breath out of me. He looked so gorgeous.  His hand tightened it's grip on my waist. He kissed me again 

looking intent. I wanted to be mad but it was hard. "Thank you." He looked into space. "Can I ask you something?"

"Yes , anything."  Well that one something turned out to be like a hundred questions. I felt like a person on questionare.

One was , 'What's your favorite flower?' I'd said , 'White roses ', always had been. I didn't know what that had to 

do with anything. You'd think he'd said it all on that first night. Well I was dead wrong. He finally stopped when we 

saw dawn approaching . He kissed my cheek , "Bye love."  "Bye." I said as he leapt out the window. 

I sighed , stupid valentines day. He was probably off somewhere looking for expensive jewelry. I winced. 

He waited in his car for me as always. "Happy Valentines Day" , he'd said as he helped me into the car. 

"Thanks, " I muttered grudgingly. He laughed . We rode in silence till we got to school. I lolled through

the periods. Anna caught me at lunch. I was just sitting at the table with Steven when she tapped my elbow. 

"Callie guess what? Mike got me a present! " She held out her finger and there on it was a huge ring with a 

chocolate diamond gemstone in the middle . The rest was diamond encrusted , I was sure. 'He's so sweet. I wonder

if -- Steven got her something. Doubt it , he looked pretty shifty to me.'  I glanced at Steven ,suddenly angry. 

He must've been able to feel my growing tension and anger. "It's okay , love , I don't blame her. "  He held my hand

under the table. I finally replied to her , "Oh , pretty." "I know right- She went on and on . When would her mouth 

close? When the bell rang I sighed low in relief so only Steven could possibly hear me. He laughed quietly. 

We walked to his car  , one of his arms on me always. I was thankful the wretched school day was over.

Once in his car , I shot a suspicious glance towards him. He  innocently  pulled something white out of

the dashboard. He held it out to me. I took it hesitantly . I scanned it quickly , there were 12 white roses. A bouqet.

He smiled but shrugged. "It's no big deal. "  I hugged him with my free hand . He then started speeding down the

road. White roses were my favorite... he remembered . I smiled to myself. I was so lucky. "Can I see Mike now?"

I asked hopefully. He sighed , "Callie." Then he looked out the window. I made a pouting face , "Please , please ,

please Steven." He turned back to me with his lips in a hard line , his voice cold , "Fine. But if you don't  come back

by nine. I'm assuming your dead." I smiled , thankful and I kissed the side of his lips. He couldn't control the answer

smile on his face. He put a arm around me again. Always so protective. I was a vampire now , I'm bullet proof.

Suddenly I heard something , an unspoken thought. 'I am so angry. How could he leave me for her? Then he tells me

I can have something special. So I close my eyes and when I wake up I'm shiny and can do extraordinary magic

tricks. He says I'm a wizard. Liar. Might as well ask Callie , I feel her presence. Maybe shes been changed too.'

My eyes bugged , "Steven! Stop!"  I saw Anna in the middle of the road , her arms folded over her chest.

She looked frustrated. Steven slammed the breaks and turned to me , anxiously. He looked like he was going to

have an anxiety attack. He put both arms around me.

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