The Twilight Saga

"Please, just don't hurt him."  I pleaded. She razed one eyebrow. "Why would I do that?"  " What are you doing here

then?" I asked , confusedly. She smiled so pleasantly it was frightening. "Your-friend Jackie stole Mike away from me."

"But, he loves Jackie." I said quietly. "No!" She snapped. I recoiled back like I had just received  a  lash from a whip.

"He just thinks he does. Jackie got to him before I could persuade him to come back to me." She said dryly.

"So?" I stuttered. "I will kill her to get him." She concluded. My jaw dropped. "You would -I forced the word out- kill her?"

She smiled again. "I will kill her," she corrected. I growled angrily. "I could just as easily kill you, Anna."  She stepped

back. Unsure. "But you wouldn't."  I crept closer to her. "Wouldn't I?" She gulped. "Well that's all i needed to stay." She

turned to leave. "Wait." I called. She looked back, confusedly. "Fix them."  She could at least do me that one kindness

right? She rolled her eyes disgustedly. "Of course."  Then she flicked her wand at them. "Well, I didn't want to have to

flash out but I guess I have to,"she sighed. Then she waved the wand at herself and disappeared. A bunch of confused

vampires looked around uneasily. My eyes flashed to Steven. "Are you okay?"  He looked at me with strange,big eyes.

"Yes but what just happened? I mean right after we saw Anna. It all went black and I couldn't move." I saw the black

darkness inside his head. "Oh, well..." I trailed off searching for the right words. "Tell me, please , I'm dying here."

He urged. I sucked in a fresh breath. "Remember how shes a wizard?" I asked , impatiently. He nodded , his face blank.

"Well, she turned all of you into statues , except me. Then she told me that-she was going kill Jackie."

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