The Twilight Saga

The Life Of A Teenage Vampire Chpt.31

A week later. 

                  A cool wind blew my hair back. Steven's arm was securely wrapped around my waist. We headed towards

the sparkling blue pool. We were throwing a party for Jackie's birthday. My cellphone buzzed in my back pocket. 

It was a text: WHERE R U? -MOM  I rolled my eyes and shoved it back into my pocket. "Who was it?" Steven asked 

casually. I looked up at him. "My mom."  He sighed quietly. A girl with black hair came walking up to us. She was on

the short side maybe 5ft 2. Her eyes were baby blue. Like a child's. She looked up at us and we stopped. 

"I love your bag! Where did you get it?" She asked . Her voice was sharp but sweet. She lifted a pink , polished 

nail to the black prada bag dangling from my forearm. "Thanks! Umm, It was a gift." I blurted , thoughtlessly. 

She smiled warmly , "My name is Madison." She held out her hand. I shook it. "I'm Callie and this is Steven." I

gestured to him. She looked him over as if she liked what she saw. She batted her eyes at him. Was she flirting? 

'Oh my. He's hot. He WILL be mine. ' She thought .  


I narrowed my eyes at her. She ripped a piece of paper out of the notebook she was clutching . She wrote her 

phone number and handed it to me. I faked a smile. "I'll be seeing you." She called over her shoulder as she 

walked away . But she wasn't looking at me as she said this , she was looking at Steven.  Steven's grip tightened on

my waist. "She was perky , wasn't she?" I remarked to him. He laughed . "Just a tad." We walked into the pool 

area . I checked everything anxiously. This was a high class hollywood party. But in Italy. The chocolate fountain 

was in the corner . Jackie had a lot of human friends plus she still liked chocolate. Colorful lights swept the room. 

A small bar in the middle. A couch or two to the left. Perfect. She would love it. I pulled out my phone and began 

sending invites to all Jackie's friends and - Madison. I had to admit I didn't have a lot of friends . But she had better

watch herself around Steven. 



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Comment by Katie Williams on April 30, 2011 at 1:36pm
this is gr8

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