The Twilight Saga

The Life Of A Teenage Vampire Chpt.29

My mouth fell open. Subconsciously the flyer fell out of my now shaking hands and onto the floor. "Nobody saw

us...right?"I managed to gasp. The door opened . I turned back , mechanically. John  walked in , whistling , threw

his keys onto the  marble counter and started towards us. "Hey Callie!" He embraced me. He could feel my body 

stiffen and he pulled away. He looked at each of us. "What's going on?" He asked , confusedly. Steven was suddenly

between me and John. His amber eyes narrowed. "Remember last week? When Anna was here..." He trailed off staring

at John. John suddenly became more serious and aware of the tension in the room. His hands balled into fists. "Yea.

So?" John said. Steven hesitated , looking at me. He looked worried and determined. He turned back to John , his eyes

intense. "There were a couple witnesses walking around outside near our house." He said , meaningfully. I stopped

breathing and bit my lip. Were vampires going to be exposed? Were we all going to have to go in to  hiding?

Would they try to kill us? I stared vacantly into space . I was going into shock. Suddenly two, cold, hard hands were

on ethier side of my face. It was Steven. Jackie sat still as a statue in her chair . Her face desolate. I turned back to 

Steven. "Callie , it will be okay. I won't let anyone hurt you. The people who did see were far away so they couldn't

have been able to tell we were immortal."  He said , calmly , staring into my eyes. My eyes were locked on his. I

exhaled sharply. I kissed him , intensely. He kissed back , gently. His lips were cold and hard like always but they

still felt good against mine. John gagged and Jackie giggled. I kept my eyes closed. His right hand pushed the small

of my back closer to him. While his left hand still held my face. My hands were around his neck. Then he sighed and 

released me. I dropped my hands and scowled playfully. He chuckled and turned back to John. John's lips went into

a tight line ; he was trying to not laugh .The corner of his mouth twitched. What exactly was so funny?

'They should get a room. Or a house. Haha!' John thought . I flushed and smacked him playfully. Steven started

laughing really hard. He was bending over. Then he straightened up and winked at me. I grinned. John looked

appauled. I was the one going to hysterics now. I breathed noisly and raggedly ; so did Steven. After we had calmed

down , he put a hand around my waist and led me to my room. Or at least I thought it was mine. But he said


even better.  "How do you like our room?" He gestured to to the cozy little room in front of us. The walls were painted

a cream color and there was a black couch in the corner. There was a small bed that had a large caramel colored

comforter in the center of the room taking up a lot of space. Which was really unnessasary because vampires didn't

sleep. So I assumed it was for show when they had ordinary guests. One tall dresser to the left. There were no

windows but there was a small white framed door to the right. I smiled at him  . "It's perfect ," was all I could manage

to say. I looked around the room once more in wonder. Then to his face. He looked amused. He half smiled , "I'm

glad you like it." He said , earnestly , then clasped my hand in his. "I have to show you something , " he whispered

against my ear. I shivered , happily. He pulled my hand towards the door and then slowly , he twisted the silver knob.

I felt a cool breeze and realized we were now outside. It was a balcony but with no railing.  He stopped

directly in front of the edge. I gulped and stared at the menacing edge. I imagined falling off . I leaned into him ,

suddenly afraid.

He seemed to edge closer to , protectively. I felt his lips brush my hair. It wasn't until now that i noticed the moon ,

it was big and full. It was beautiful. He was beautiful. I was overcome with joy at the moment. "I love you ." I was

surprised at my own words. Then he was in front of me.

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