The Twilight Saga

I woke up feeling unusually energized and eager for school. I wanted to put on something that I thought Steven 

would like. So i picked a tight black sweater and skinny indigo blue jeans. Someone tapped on my window. I 

instantly cocked my head. When I saw it was Steven , I smiled. I couldn't believe he liked me. Not a lot of people

had found me interesting , definitely not enough to actually want to date me. I quickly walked over to the window

pane and lifted it up. He slid in , "Hello, Callie." He smiled back. I twisted at every angle and asked him ,

"Do you like it?" He lifted his eyebrows , "Like it? You will always be beautiful to me." I couldn't help but smile and 

wander if he was lying. I read his thoughts , 'Much more than beautiful...'. I could hear my mother's footsteps 

coming closer. I shot him a panicked look. He winked and hid in my closet. She turned the shiny doorknob and the door

swung open. "Ready for school yet Callie?"  I breathed a low sigh of relief that I knew she couldn't hear. "On my way out."

I replied grabbing my back pack and sliding past her. I ran down the steps and opened the glass door to find Steven.

He was grinning and swinging a pair of keys from his fingers. He nodded toward the mustang . The one I had seen 

yesterday? "Yeah.. John had to borrow it but it belongs to me. " He said , in a smooth tone, like he was trying to 

impress me. I snorted , yeah he doesn't need any help impressing me . Just seeing him takes my breath away. 

"What?" He asked nonchalantly. I shrugged , "Nothing."  He shook his dark brown hair and laughed . Then he led

me to the car and opened my door for me. How gentle men like. Once we arrived at South Ket High School he opened

my door for me again and we stepped out together his firm arms wrapped around me. Everyone , not to my astonishment

, was gawking at us. I read Steven's thoughts, 'I wish these boys would stop staring at Callie and saying what their

saying ...I don't want to have to hurt someone. She's mine, eat your heart out boys.'  It took all I had to sustain a laugh.

He knew of my mind reading capabilities , my gift.  Seriously though , was everyone looking at... me? Oh yeah 

because when I turned into a vampire I became utterly flawless. I scoped out some random kids thoughts , 'I wonder

if she'll go out with me. ' I should ask her what kind of make up she's using .' And many other related thoughts. The 

april air was warm and inviting. As soon as Steven and I had gotten inside , he embraced me and went to his 1st 

period biology class. I was going to world History. Suddenly John stood in front of me blocking my path. "Excuse me."

I said in a hurry to get to class. He held up his hand , "Wait I have to tell you something." 'I broke up with Jill she 

was too clingy and also... I realized I love you. I want to be with you. Will you be my girl friend?'

I suppose he hadn't even bothered to say it since he knew of my power. I frowned , "I'm sorry John but- 

He cut me off , his brow furrowing, "There is some one else. I understand... " , he grimaced and walked away stiffly.

It left a huge hole in my heart knowing I had broken someone else's . Then Steven was beside me. "What happened?"

His voice was worried. "Nothing just John asked me out." I managed to whisper out. His jaw was clenched and his 

eyes became fierce. "I'm going to kill him." He started forward. 

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