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I was watching the movie My Sister's Keeper and you know the part when Kate meets Taylor...that's Jacob and I. Well not the dying part but the relationship part. It just took one conversation and they fall in love with each other. Jacob and I have know each other for about a month and we are already in love. We really do love each other. And when Taylor dies and Kate pops a bunch of pills and downs it with some Jack...i would do the same. Life without Jacob is no life at all. He gives me everything by breathing. His voice is music to my ears. His body(: I could touch it all day. Not a day goes by that we don't talk to each other and when we don't hurts. It really hurts. So if he dies…I would be dead too. I could never leave Jacob, even if he cheated on me with some girl way prettier I would still want him. I picture us years from now. With 3 kids, a son who is a spitting image of his amazing father. And 2 beautiful girls with his eyes. We live in a big house, 4 bedrooms, a pool, a nice kitchen I could cook in and look out the window and see the kids with their father. Jacob could never harm a soul. He’s sweet and loving and the nicest guy I know. When he first said I love you it was Christmas. Best Christmas gift ever. I would do anything with Jacob. He would never hurt me or lead me to bad things. Jacob is the love of me life and I never want anyone else. We are madly in love<3

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