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I love the Twilight movies! How could I not? I get to see everything played out on the big screen. I was excited to see more people of color in the movie than I originally imagined from the book. Okay after saying all that...

If anyone has only seen the movies and never read the books, you are doing yourself a huge injustice! Stephenie is very, very descriptive and develops characters like no ones business! The books go into detail about the background of all of the Cullens! I love their individual stories. Just from one book, tons of other novels could spring out. If you think that your heart was breaking for Jacob by seeing the movie...OMG...the books will have you in tears and thinking twice about who Bella should be with!!!

Tell all of your friends (male, female, young or old) just to read Twilight and if that doesn't hook them you'll give them a dollar :)

♥♥♥I Love The Twilight Series!!!!!♥♥♥

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Comment by EBW on June 15, 2010 at 11:08pm
The books are so much better the movies always, and anyone who doesn't read will be at a total lost for so many things when they go see the movies. I love both the books and movies, but without the books there is no understanding of the full story.
Comment by ameiya sadras on June 12, 2010 at 6:40am
so true devon...and one more thing..u will enjoy the emotions played out on screen way better if u have read the book..its like solving a puzzle that u've been breaking ur head over if u read the book and then watch the movie.

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