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I have started reading the books again. It is like I never want to leave thier world. I live in Cowarts, AL and the weather is changing. I was staring at the back door window and saw the Moon. It is a cool, crisp night and the Moon is almost full. It is a beauitful night. It is a night when you know that fall well be here soon. I do not know how to explain but the smells, the moods, the weather is so beautiful at this time. It is has if you can smell fall coming. Then my favorite day of the year will be here soon. Halloween!!!!! The magic is in the air now. I do not know what it is about this time of year but I love it.

I have people in my life that want me to move away from my home, but I can not. Where I live is quiet, peaceful, and magical to me. Even though nothing special ever happens to me or the feeling I do not belong here. Which is hard for me to really say because I was born in Ft. Rucker, AL and growup in Level Plains, AL. I left for 10 years and hated it. I could wait to get back home. Even though, I ended in Cowarts, which 30 mins away from the orignal home, but like I said I really don't feel like a belong here or anywhere that matter.

It is hard for me sometimes because I am a mixed breed. My mom is Mexican (Spainard & Mexico) and American Indian ( Spanish & Yaki). My dad is Checzavian, Irish, & American Indian (Cherokee & Apache). What a mix? And I was born & rasied in the South....go figure. Anyways, the Moon is beautiful tonight.



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