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The New Movie Poster thoughts and feelings.

I'm possibly going to start a bit of a debate based upon the new movie poster.

I hate to say it but I'm slightly disappointed, I think this poster could of possibly been more effective for the third novel Eclipse, mainly due to Jacob in the second book not actually standing in-between Edward and Bella on any level at all. For people who haven't read the novels, I think they might view the poster and think that Jacobs come between them and is forcing them apart. Which we all know from reading is quite the opposite. I think the poster might even cause a bad reaction to the story, my housemate whom hasnt read the second book initial reaction was 'oh no Bella gets with Jacob instead of Edward...well that ruins the whole concept of true soul mates that would never happen.' Obviously having explained to her what actually happens she agreed that the poster triggers the wrong impression and even made her reluctant to view the film at all. Just wondered what everyone else's views were.


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