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My name is Dale and i met Peter (Carlisle) Facinelli , you see i met him at a convention called Dragon con and we talked about Twilight and he asked me what did i like about the movie and i replied it is a great new take on vampires. but the Cullen's need a new Cullen who is a cut up you know who makes a joke about what is going on. then Peter sigined my picture writting To --- then he asked what is your name? and i replied Dale, then he said To Dale Cullen, Dale Cullen , Dale Cullen that has a great ring to it then he continued the newest family member Dr. Cullen , Peter Facinelli. then since there was no one else in line behind me he asked what kind of person is Dale Cullen? and i replied did you ever see the teenage mutant ninja turtles? Peter said yes! and i replied Dale Cullen is like a human Michaelangello a cut up , fun loving goof. Then suddenly Peter's eyes went wide and said that's a great idea! a human living with the Cullens! and i replied yep, he could be Bella's cousin who's parents died when he was a kid and he is living with the Cullens and he don't know or don't at first believe that there vampires! and he could do all kinds of humorous stuff with the family! Peter started laughing and said to me That is Great ! you really need to get intouch with Stephine Meyer about him! and that's what i have been trying to do. At first when i got home i tried to write a letter to Stephine Meyer but every time i tried i could fit it all in, so i just broke down and wrote it as a story to send to her. So this is the letter that became a story to tell Stephine Meyer about this character, It is a first rough draft but i have been working on fixing it.

                           so here is the link if your intrested in this wonderfull story that Peter and i thought up enjoy



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