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"It's beautiful Amena." My mother said looking at me. Her face was filled with sadness and happiness. I felt the tears burning in my eyes begging to fall. I walked over to my mom hugging her. Her cool embrace instantly relaxed me. "I'm so proud of you Amena." My mother whispered to me. I hugged my mom closer to me. I needed this. I needed her approval. She stepped back wiping my tears. "You look beautiful Amena." She said holding my face. "Thankyou." I whispered. My aunt walked in with a beautiful smile speard across her face. "Everytime i see you in this dress you look so perfect." My aunt said looking at her work. "We'll you must be perfect because you created this beauty." I said smiling. I turned back and looked at the beautiful dress. I didnt want anything to sexy but nothing to old. The dress was a tight fitting ivory color long sleeved lace gown. It was amazing. "Did you start on our dresses yet?" My mother said. My aunt looked at her with a smug smile. "Duh, but i'm not showing yall until next weekend." My aunt said with a big smile. I looked at my mother she was pouting. "Why?" My mother said a whine in her voice. "Because me and Late are going out of town for the weekend and i want to get this fabric to add the finishing touches." My aunt said. My mother crossed her arms and i could tell she was trying not to smile. "Okay." She finally said breathing hard. "So, everything the dress fits amazing." "I just cant gain any weight." I said looking at myself. My aunt and mom laughed. My aunt helped me out of the dress. I changed back into a flowly foral sun dress. "So, ill see you at the picnic next week." I said hugging my aunt. "No, remember Late wanted to New York so were leaving tommorow." My aunt said. "Awe, okay well have a safe trip." I said hugging my aunt again. I turned to my mom. "I'll call you tonight." I said blowing her a kiss. I walked out into the warm sun. It was warm for a day in forks. I smiled. My phone started vibrating. I saw it was Ace calling. "Hello, Handsome." I said getting into my car. "Hello, Beautiful." Ace said. "So, i was wondering did you want to do lunch?" Ace said. I could tell he was smiling. "That sounds good where?" I said. "Meet me at me at the house." Ace said. "Okay." I said confused. "Love you." Ace said. "Love you too." I said hanging up. I let down my window and let Soley flow through my car. I smiled as i pulled into my parents driveway to see Ace waiting for me on the porch. He was at my car opening the door for me. He pulled me into his arms. Pressing his lips to mine. He pressed his hands to my chest feeling my heart. I smiled breaking the kiss. "You have a lovely heartbeat Amena." He said smiling. "Thankyou." I said looking at my beautiful fiance. My stomach growled breaking the moment. "You ready for lunch?" Ace said pulling me close. "We'll i think you already know the answer to that." I said. Ace picked me up setting me down on my feet when we reached the passenger's side. He opened the door for me. "Why, Thankyou fine Sir." I said. "Anything for my lady." Ace said closing my door. I got in and we drove listening to Mariah's carey Always be my baby. Ace parked near the border. He came to my side opening my door. He picked me up. Running through trees until we reached the beach. I smiled when i saw a picnic set up. "This is so adorable Baby." I said pressing my lips to Ace's."  I pulled away when we both out of breathe. He sat me down and went to the otherside. He opened the basket and there was a pb&J with a orange juice box. There were also chocolate covered raisins. I looked up at Ace. "Your such a sweetheart Ace. "I said pressing my lips to Ace's again. He pulled back. "You need to eat." He said smiling. "You sure you dont want any?" I said smiling. Ace got a disgusting face. "Shutup and Eat." Ace said playfully. We sat in silence listenting to waves it was peaceful and relaxing.


"So, hows everything with the wedding?" Ace said playing in my hair. I grabbed his hand tracing lines. "Everything's fine Alice and Mom have been great." I said smiling. "I havent even had a chance to get stressed out." I said. "Is there anything you need me to do?" Ace said. "Just show up." I said smiling. I sat up and looked at Ace. He looked back at me nothing but love. I bent in taking in his scent. It was sweet but with a manlyness to it. I slowly pressed my lips to his. He kissed me back softly. "This are the moments i enjoy the most." I said laying back on Ace's chest. The sun was starting to set. The sunset was beautiful. "If you could redo anything over what would it be?" I said. Ace took a deep breathe. "Leaving you." He said quietly. I sat up looking at him. "Do you remember anything from that time?" I said. Ace looked at me and shook his head. "No,it's like everything is dark until i met your father." Ace said. "If you could redo anything over what would it be?" Ace said. "Probably, going completly silent and scaring my mom after you left." I said honestly. Ace had pain and guilt in his beautiful features. I craddled myself in his lap. "We cant go back but we can create better memories." I said. Ace pulled as me close as i could be. I looked up at him. His eyes held love. He bent down pressing his lips to mine. "I love you Amena." He whispered softly agaisnt my lips. "I love you too Ace."



Okay so here's my new story. Please Please Please Comment. I would really apperciate. It's been a while but im back. Crossing my fingers that you guys like the story. Thankyou for reading!



Mariah carey-

Always be my baby


Pretty Face


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