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"So, is he going to change you?" My dad said. I looked at my dad. "Dad, we havent really discussed it." I said. "I mean i think you should have a chance at a "Human" Life. My dad said putting an extra on human. "Dad, it's not really your decision." I said getting irritated. I grabbed the fruit and walked out of the kitchen. I sat it down on the table and walked over to Ace. I sat on his lap. He wrapped his arms around me pulling me close to him. He looked at me and his face screwed in concern. "What's wrong?" He said. "Nothing." I said not wanting to talk about it. "Tell me later?" Ace said turning me towards him. "Mmhmm." I said. Ace kissed me on my nose making me smile. "Ace, let your fiance be with the girls and come play football." Emmett yelled. Ace looked at me for an okay. "Go ahead." Ace gave me a quick kiss on the cheek and ran to the boys. I smiled. I turned to see Alice standing right behind me. "Hello." I said surprised. Alice smiled grabbing me in a hug. "I love your outfit." Alice said looking me with approval. I smiled. "Thankyou." I said. "So all the invites were sent out and we have to go to the florist on monday." Alice said. I smiled nodding. "Thankyou Alice i really appericiate all the help." I said feeling myself getting choked up. "Hey, this is my thing im happy to help out family." Alice said rubbing my arm. "Hello Dear, have you seen your mother?" Esme said. "No, i talked to her this morning though." I said. Esme nodded. "Okay." she said walking away. I turned back to Alice but she was gone. I walked towards the house and heard giggling. I found Satanaia playing with her baby doll. She looked up at me. "Hi, do you want to play with me?" She said in her quiet voice. "I'll play later, have you seen my mom?" I said. "No Auntie Neicy, told me that she would be back in a little while she said she had to go get her  friend."  Satanaia said looking back at her baby. I nodded. "Thankyou." I said walking back out of the house. Ace grabbed me in his arms. He pressed his lips to mine. "Did you have fun playing?" I said smiling. "Yes, were taking a break and then well play after yall eat." Ace said. We just looked at each other. Not having to say anything just. "Come on love birds." Janaila said. I smiled and pulled Ace towards our family. I saw the back of a girls head. She had long glossy black hair. I sat down and Ace went to go talk to Edward. The girl turned towards me smiling. "Hi im Jennifer." She said. She had a light tan and pretty soft green eyes. She was beautiful in a natural way. I smiled. "Hi i'm Amena." I said. She looked at me and i could tell she could see the resemblance between me and my mother. "Your Janiece's sister?" She said. I nodded holding back a smile. She smiled. "Yall look so much a like." She said. "So, i heard your getting married in a month." She said smiling. I smiled glancing down to see a ring placed on her ring finger. "Yes, are you married." Her smile softend and sadness filled her features. "Yes, my husband went missing and his body was never found." Jennifer said. My heart tore and i felt for Jennifer. "Awe, i'm so sorry." I said. She looked up at me. "Thankyou." "But we have  a beautiful daughter Yellow." She said with so much love in her voice. "That's a pretty name." I said smiling. "That's my fiance favorite color." I said. "That was my husband's favorite color too." Jennifer said.


"Do you have any kids?" Jennifer said. "No, were waiting until after we get married." I said lying knowing we wont be able to have kids. "We decided to get married after Yellow was born." She said. I smiled. "What was the wedding like?" I said. She smiled. "It was small but beautiful we got married on the beach." "My dress was long and flowly and simple." "After we said our vows we ran into the ocean." Jennifer said. "Awe, that sounds so romantic." I said looking for Ace. "Mommy, i'm hungry." A pretty little girl said. I found myself looking at her. She had Jennifers long black hair but she green eyes but she looked like someone else. "She's very pretty." I said looking at Jennifer. "Thankyou she looks just like her father though." Jennifer said picking up the pretty little girl. "Yellow say hello." Jennifer said to her daughter. The girl smiled. "Hello." She said in a small voice. Her smile was so famaliar. "Hello,sweetie." "Excuse me,Let me go make her a plate." Jennifer said. I smiled and nodded. I watched Jennifer walk away. "Arent you going to eat?" I looked up to see Sean. I smiled. "Yes, im just waiting for everyone else to get there plates first. Sean nodded. "So, hows Jessy?" I said. Sean's face dropped alittle bit. "We broke up." Sean said. My smile dropped and my stomach turned. "I'm sorry." I said. Sean looked at me and i seen something flash in his eyes. "It's okay we had been growing apart for sometime." "She just wasnt the one." Sean said. "Hey, your a catch." I said playfully punching Sean in the arm. He smiled. "So, how's the wedding planning going?" Sean said smiling. But his smile seemed off. "It's okay i have Alice so im not really stressed." I said smiling. Sean brushed a piece of hair out of my face. I looked at him. I saw a sadness in his eyes. "Oh my god." "Ace" I heard Jennifer sheirk. I turned and saw Jennifer grab Ace in her arms. "This is my husband." Jennifer said to all the confused onlookers. It felt like my heart was burning.



Okay so here we go. Drama! Okay so please comment. Dont hate me. This story is going to have a lot of twists and turn. What do you think of Sean? But anywho please Comment.



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