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The Other-Chapter 3- Figuring Everything Out

I looked at Ace. He looked back at me. There was confusion placed in his beautiful features. He backed away from Jennifer. I couldnt move. I couldnt form words. All i felt was a burning. "I thought you were dead all this time." Jennifer said. "I'm sorry you must have me confused with someone else." Ace said glancing at Jennifer with wide eyes. "No, i know my husband." Jennifer said. Ace looked back at me. "Amena." Ace said. I couldnt say anything. I felt tears rolling down my cheeks. "Daddy?" I looked down to see the beautiful little girl standing in front of Ace. I saw it all in her face. She was Ace's. "Yellow?" Ace whispered bending down in front of the little girl. I watched as realization dawned in his beautiful features. I gripped my chest trying to stop the pain. I felt the scream leave my mouth. But i didnt hear it as i fell into the darkness.


"Amena, Baby?" I heard my mother's voice. I slowly opened my eyes. They felt heavy. My eyes adjusted to the darkness. I saw my mother. She had a look of pain and sorrow edged into her beautiful features. "Amena." She said wiping my tears. "Yellow." I barely whispered. "Sshh." My mother said curling up beside me. She held me as tears fell down  my cheeks. We watched as the sun rose and the birds chirped. My body felt numb and empty. I smelt something cooking. "Daddy's cooking breakfast." Mom said. I looked at her. "I'm going to go and make you a plate." My mother said getting up. I watched her as she walked out of my room. I listened to the rattling in the kitchen. I heard a knock at the door.  I listened as my mother walked to the door opening it. "Can i see her?" I heard his voice say. "No, she's not taking visitor's right now." My mother said in a bland tone. "Please." I heard "Him" plead. "Ace, go home and dont come back until we ask." I heard my father say. I heard Ace walk away and get in his car. I heard my mother's soft footsteps walking towards my room. She walked in holding a plate. She pulled a chair towards my bed. "Here you go sweetheart." She said with a soft smile. I looked at her. "Amena, you have to eat." My mother said pleading. She knew i was falling. I couldnt stop myself though. I felt the bubble growing and i couldnt pop it. I saw the same look of unbearable sadness filling inside of my mothers beautiful features. She reached out touching my face. "Dont do this Amena." She whispered wiping away falling tears. I closed my eyes seeing darkness and letting the envelope me.


Janiece's Pov-

I watched as she sunk further and further. I wanted to shake her and tell her everything was going to be alright. But i knew this was a battle Amena had to fight for herself. I just hoped she was strong enough to win.



Okay so anyone that has read the previous story with Ace&Amena. You seen how she went silent after he left. Well she's falling back into that silence. To be perfectly honest i dont really have a direction for this story. Fair warning it may not have an happing ending. I dont know. But please comment and give me feedback on what you like and what you dont like. Thankyou for reading. Happy 4th of july too you:)

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