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The Other-Chapter 5-Maybe i can do this

I looked at myself in the mirror. I looked more like myself. I was a little bit thinner. But i knew i looked normal. My hair was curly and my face looked a lot less tired. I looked at the clock. It was 8:30. Cat would be here in an half an hour. I dried myself off. I started with my hair. I just kept it curly. I looked at the bags. I ran to the store. I grabbed a white dress. I also grabbed some acessories. I looked at myself. I looked good. I touched my cheek to see if it was really me. I smiled and it felt weird but nice at the same time. I looked at the clock. It was 8:50. I sprayed some purfume on me and grabbed my phone and lipgloss. My stomach started flipping and i realized i was nervous. I stopped myself. "No, Amena." I said getting myself going again. I walked outside. The cool spring air hitting my skin. I walked to my car. It was too quiet. I turned on Chris Brown-Turn up the music. It was dark but the sky was beautiful. It was pitch black but the stars lite it up perfectly. I smiled again liking the feeling. I pulled into the Diner parking lot. Cat was standing in front of her car. Her face lit up with her sweet smile. I smiled back. "Hey, you look amazing." She said. I smiled and looked at her. "You look great too." I said. She smiled and looked down. She had on a purple off the shoulder shirt. Her shorts were rainbow and she had on biker boots like me. Her blond and red hair was pulled into a braid. Cat was beautiful. "So you ready?" She said. I smiled and nodded. I locked my car doors and made sure i had my phone. Cat's car was old but it fit her. We got in and she turned on Shinedown-Second chances. I smiled. "My mom loves this song." I said. Cat smiled. "I love it too." Cat said. "So where are you coming from?" Cat said. My stomach knotted and i clutched my dress. "Forks." I said quietly. "Thats about 4 hrs from here right?" Cat said. "Yes." I said quietly. "So, what brought you here?" Cat said. "I just needed a change." I said quietly. "I understand im not going to be here much longer." Cat said with a exciteness in her voice. "Where are you going?" I said curious. "I dont know yet im just going to drive." Cat said with a smile. I smiled. "Thats what i did." I said. Cat looked at me there was something in her eye. "Your different, i like you." Cat said with her gentle smile. For some reason her saying that made me feel good. "We'll i like you too." I said smiling back. "So where is this party at?" I said. "My friend Lance's." She said. "There all going to love you." She said. She pulled into a driveway. My stomach knotted and i guess Cat sensed my nerves. She looked at me. "Hey, there all really cool." Cat said with a warm smile. I felt myself relax. I shook my head with an okay. We got out and i could hear the music. Cat grabbed my hand leading me into the house. I walked in and the house was filled with people. "Hey, beautiful." I heard a voice behind us. Cat turned us around and i was face to face with i guessed was Lance. My breathe caught and i didnt believe my eyes. "Amena?" The man who looked just like the man who broke my heart.



So here we go guys. Please buckle in and get ready to go on this crazy ride with me. I dont know where Lance excatly came from but he's here and were going to see how this all plays out. Please Comment. Thx's.:)


Music used in this Chapter..

Chris Brown..

Turn up the music


Second Chances


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