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"Edward...?" I repeated, still not sure if my eyes were deceiving me. I had gone a little crazy before with Edward hallucinations after he had I had good reason so question my sanity.
Still as Edward stood in front of me, there was no way he couldn't be real, he was even more breath-taking than my dreams had conjoured him and so much more dazzling that my memories had painted him. Despite this I desperately wanted to touch him, just to be sure...
I raised my hand to his face almost in a trance, I had to do it...I must feel his ice cold cheek and know he was really there. I managed to snap out of it and stop my hand in mid-air, what was I thinking? I had no idea why he was here and reaching to stroke him probably was pretty inappropriate, especially considering the years that had passed. I suddenly felt even more subconcious about myself, my age, I was a good few years older now.
And there I was, in a night dress, gawking at him in my doorway, one hand in the air. Before I could feel any more uncomfortable, Edward had my hand in his, pressing it to his face...we stood like that for a long perfect moment, before he broke the silence and asked if he could come in.
I'd stepped aside for him to enter, before I'd even thought about Jake and the vampire smell...the sweet, beautiful, intoxicating scent of him. I'd deal with that later - this was worth any punishment from Jake.
"I'm sorry to turn up here, so suddenly in your life" he said quietly.
I was still utterly stunned, "Please" I said, "don't be, not at all" I couldn't think of what else to say, so I added "I'm glad your here", though that was an understatement, I was ready to believe I was in heaven being so close to him again.
And we were close, very close. Oh god Jake would smell vampire on me. Edward stood closer to me than a plutonic visitor should and it was intoxicating.
"Can I..." he begun and raised his hand to my face, brushing my cheek to tuck my hair behind my ear.
I blushed, I felt like the old me with that one touch. His cool fingers in my hair and I was no longer, the lifeless, cheap, worthless creature Jake could make me beleive I was, I was eighteen again.
He drew me even closer to him with the hand that had stroked my hair.
"You know Bella, you're even more beautiful"
I blushed some more, Jake hadn't called me beautiful in years, this was all too much and I began to feel very weak, I was freezing stood in just my nightie.
"Bella, I'm sorry, are you ok?" he breathed.
"Uh...yes, this is all just a little confusing" I confessed
"Edward why are you here" I said staring up at his magical, other-wordly eyes.
He paused, all the while, holding me tight, well holding me up as I struggled to take it in. Though it was cold, the feel of his skin on my bare neck and shoulders felt as incredible.
"It's a long story, I suppose, but it doesn't amount to short, you're the reason I'm here"
That didn't answer my question at all, but I liked the sound of it and I liked the feeling of his hands on me after all these years even more. I began to get into the situation, Edward was really here, close to me, actually touching me. I began to picture out prom night together and wished he could read my thoughts.
Maybe he could read my body instead...I looked up at him, hoping he wanted me as much as I did him.
I wasn't as naive and innocent as I had been back then...who knew how long Edward would be in town for, in my life for, I decided even if it was just here and now and then he would be gone again, I would make the most of this.
Just as I was begining to warm up with the excitement of that last thought, everything when black. I guess I had been a little more shocked and unsteady than I thought.
I was lying down when I awoke, still cold, my head was on Edward's lap as was sure of it. Oh god, please don't let this all be a dream I pleaded silently. The way I was still so cold made me sure it wasn't just a dream though, and I opened my eyes. There he was gazing down at me, so magnificently beautiful. I was lying on the bed, Edward was perched at the head of it, stroking my hair ass my head lay limp and my eyes glanced disbelievingly back up at him.
"Oh good, you're awake" he breathed.
I tried to smile, remembering my my last thought...'make the most of this' ..I hoped it was a somehow seductive smile. I hadn't tried anything like this in years, Jake would avoid me unless he'd been drinking, then I avoided him.
Trying to tempt someone was hard, but Edward I dared to imagine, did seem interested.
"You know you said my name, while you were unconcious, it was so quiet, but I heard it..." he continued
I blushed, how embarassing.
"Edward" I said bravely "touch me"
He smiled a coy smile, "technically we are already touching, you head is on my lap bella"
"No, I mean really, touch me. I want to know you're real."
"You want to know if I'm real?" he questioned mockingly..."Ok" he flashed a smile.
With that his smooth cold hand, brushed my cheek, so slowly it was heaven, his hand travelled down my neck to my shoulder, causing one of my nightgown straps to slip down. I shivered, but it wasn't the cold, it was his touch.
It seemed it was not just me who wasn't so innocent anymore and in that moment I really truly wanted nothing more than his lips.
"Kiss me" I said.
"I was hoping you would want that" he replied and gently removed me from his lap lowered his head to mine, when we were inches away he whispered "you're sure?"
I wasn't why he was bothering to ask now, who could say no now.
I nodded and reached up to him. We were both shy at first, lips meeting, tenderly touching, testing, tasting and remembering everything, then I parted my lips and Edward kissed back with fierceness. His hands where, everywhere, so fast I couldn't control myself, my head spun and broke away, panting for breath.
"Sorry" he growled, I looked down and realised he'd tipped my nightgown, Jake's favourite one. Oh well I thought. "Don't be" and I put my arms around his neck, gesturing him to continue...
"you're sure?" he said again. "Yes!" I cried out. With that he tore away what was left of my nightgown and looked me up and down. "Oh, I've missed you" he growled....and the kissing began again, and so did prom night, only so much better than I remembered.

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Comment by Kiara Elise Cullen on March 21, 2010 at 2:15am
wow, fantastic, still breathtakingly beutiful :)
Comment by Blueeyedvampire on January 17, 2010 at 3:08pm
Thank you both.
Comment by Kiara Elise Cullen on January 15, 2010 at 3:37am
ah, road to a writers succes, and will you write more because i will go crazy if you dont. And love the idea...

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