The Twilight Saga

The world has gone into control of vampires. There are very few humans
left and those that are alive are tortured and enslaved. This has been
happening for hundreds of years now. Until one human, Azura Caley Lark,
turns 19. She is a slave to the vampire royalty.

One day, she has had enough. She decides to rebel. But not in the way
you would think. You see, Azura is a brilliant human. Much more
brilliant than the vampires would ever think. Over the next few months,
Azura leads a group of other humans through secret meetings in the
midnight hours, secret trainings, and many more. All under the radar of
the vampire royalty. One day, war breaks out with Azura leading the
army. While the humans only have ships, horses and guns at their disposal, the
vampires have fancy weapons and technology. It seemed impossible for the
humans to win. No one saw it coming. But...i guess you'll find out. This is Azura's story.

If you think this is interesting, just say so and i'll write some more.

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