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Why are these guys chasing me! Domona screamed to herself. Alex were gonna get you. Guy 1 yelled. Ya no tricks now the big dude yelled. We got nets and tazers! the 3 & 4 one yelled together. o my why so much i am not that bad and who is alex? I ran like i never did before curving and turning and racing past and hit a dead end. uh oh! I am cornered by these guys and they dont look very happy. Hi alex nice seeing you here, hmm like my nose you did this to me!!! i see a broken nose um??! guys you got me confused i am not alex! uh huh sure your just her twin or something right? um, idk i have never met her. Well ALEX we are gonna go for a ride for you to pay for your crimes of beat in us up he laughed. I am totally scared i mean i just got out of school and these guys come out of nowhere and chase me down like i am some criminal ugh!. Ya and are boss wants his money back and you better have it or he might get mad. O i am not alex! i yelled. A girl jumped down that looked just like me except with long blonde hair and blue eyes and a totally different outfit. You see i got a pixie cut idk why? Ya she isnt i am they girl yawned. now boys you dont no me well if you only brought four guys the girl smiled sweetly. with that the girl snapped her fingers and the 2 most hottest guys i have ever seen jumped down. O hey i'm alex this is dominick and blizzard she said pointing to the blond headed tan blue eyed hottie and the more vampire one with silver hair idk he just looks like a vampire for some reason huh wouldnt it be weird if he was a vampire i mean what if my twin was a vampire! omg that would be horrible! or would it???????

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Comment by cristal jameson on March 25, 2012 at 4:03pm

wow plz write more


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