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ok so yeah im working on looking like seth clearwater. im doing an awful lot of swimming. everything is going really well. gangly build. so 15yrs old, hasnt had a growth spurt, spiked hair, looks like jacob black? some ppl disagree. im native american. cherokee-apache to be exact. i figure if taylor cant fill in the height of jacob well so can i appear to be the 'runt' of the werewolves. i figure, in the film, seth not ought to be taller than jacob or ne other of the werewolves. and i found out the fans swayed the vote to keep taylor as jacob. i already do look up to jacob black. im definitely outgoing! i want to put my brave face on. hah. oh and btw tyler posey is not casted as him. i wonder though, my biggest concern is what does stephenie meyer's seth look like? or maybe more important wut does the fans seth look like? even also to consider the director's seth for eclipse?! im seeing an agent to help me with everything, an 8x10, resume, and my film acting...his name is john llanes..he's worked with a lot of youth in this area so im pretty excited...he has a real eye for talent....he knows how ambitious i am for definitely going to the twicon in dallas! so yeah im giving this role my all. making an appearance at a twilight dvd release party! i wonder if stephenie knows bout me. i wonder if im her seth. hah. i definitely dont want to disappoint anyone and i would love to give back to mrs. meyer. im making a promise not to disappoint sally of all people. hah. neone knows how devoted she is to twilight. i dont think ive studied any other character more than seth. when i see seth i see the younger jacob. because he has to be just that much nostalgic towards bella. a guy who is very easy going, and can put a smile on ur face with just his presence, kinda lights up the room. he's friends with the cullens because the truce between them is really old and the cullens are completely innocent and really are good people if you get to know them. seth really encourages the friendship between la push and the cullens. no harm done but who better to be friends with ppl who are just as well holding a secret. so seth wants to be there for everyone if it means defending bella too for jacob because he only knows how much jacob really cares for her. but at the same time he's one of the smaller werewolves, he looks inexperienced so any help the cullens can get even when they don't need it. thats who seth is. i wondered if he would of enjoyed taking down riley all on his own...i can imagine how proud or accomplished he would have felt.. for now thank you for your support

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Comment by lisha_86 (**TWI-STARVED**) on June 6, 2009 at 6:12pm
hope you get the part and see ya at twicon
Comment by Anna on April 7, 2009 at 12:58pm
Hope you get Seth's part! xoxo
Comment by amy on March 7, 2009 at 12:04am
ohh sorry 4 got they wont be appering in new moon though:(
Comment by amy on March 6, 2009 at 11:58pm
hey sweet -heart im native american too and i REALLY wanna be leah or emily so so bad ha but unfortunanly the casting of seth and leah have been casted there names are kioana and q'urankia kilcher they are real bro and sis in real lfe to bad were not hahah anyway im soo sorry i would and still supporta ya as being seth i think ur awsome haha i think u would make a GREAT jake !!! p.s. im navajo :) and i did not want tyler posey to be him anyway and also the girl casted as leah she played pocohantas in:The New World"........:)
Comment by pianogurl1994 on March 1, 2009 at 8:40pm
i would go for it, i mean even if you don't get the part (hope you do) then i mean when you go to audition for another role at least you can say that you auditioned for Eclipse. i wish i could audition for something that cool, but i live in a boring mini version of Chicago and don't have the money to fly somewhere or for an agent. but i would take the chance if i werer you. Good Luck!!! =P

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