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1.You add us you better comment us or we will delete you
2.Don't steal our pictures because we have them speicalize and we will know if you take them.
3.Don't Flirt with the Married/Taken/Engaged/Crushing People because you will get deleted
4.Don't start DRAMA!!! we won't have it and we will delete you
5. No one word comments (Ex: Hi, Hey,What's up etc)
6.Don't Ignore the girls If they approach you, If your not interested just Talk to them no flirting needed.
7.Be Patient with us sometimes we get overwhelmed with comments
8.Last rule. Have fun and enjoy talking to us.
9: If You have any Problems Come to The Alpha, or If The Alpha isn't here come to The Beta And if The Beta isn't here come to the 2nd Alpha.
10: The Alpha is, Felicity, The Beta is Alilah And The 2nd Alpha is Leona(Leli)

Felicity: If You Have A Problem with our Rules come talk to me about them. Thanks and Have fun Talking to us

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