The Twilight Saga

Up, up high on a small and curving road covered in the blackest of trees sat a small hut. Covered in vines and weeds this house sat. Most people of the town thought it was abandoned. Others haunted. Women would say to their children "Mind yourself. If you ever go up that hill into the forest you will be sure to get a beating." And so they never did. It just sat. People never thought that the house could actually be occupied by a person. The idea perplexed many for they were civilized people and would never think of such things. But the house was occupied. By a small wrinkled women. She did not used to look this way. Many many years ago she was young and beautiful. Her hair gold as the sun and smooth as silk. Skin flawless to the touch and a light shade of cream. Piercing eyes that could win over any mans- even the stubbornest- heart. Now here she still sat. Long grey hair still pretty but not stunning as it once was. The old women never left her house. Not once. The only outside world she had ever seen was her small but plentiful garden and her old stone well. She kept to herself and liked it that way.
But the women once had a very different life. One filled with happiness and joy. One with love and care. Love and care that her parents had givin her. Her parents loved their little girl and were proud of her. They had lived in the house that she still was sitting in. Her parents although civil did not care for the company of others and one day chose to pack up their things and move up into the forest were they were not to be bothered. Live like this had gone on like this for quite a while.
They laughed and loved one another up until the day of the girls sixteenth birthday. On that day her parents became fearfully ill. Not knowing how they should be treated the girl just sat by their side-faithfully- until the day that they pasted. The girl- Anabel being her name- chose not to move away and to keep her parents memory alive. She knew what people would think if they saw someone of her age living alone. So she never came down. But then again that does not always mean that others could not come up...

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