The Twilight Saga

"We have your daughter," was the first thing that I had heard in Months, besides the word that I hear two times a day, called "Eat."

I could hear the shock in my family's "Wha?" I felt overwhelmed by love. My family was fighting the Empire's evil side, the sith. It felt good to hear their voice, even though it wasn't even a full word. I felt soft tears falling down my cheeks. They really loved me.

Faster than lightening, I felt the Sith Lord, Darth Saul, push me out of my hiding spot, into the open.

My little brother Zeek, who was only eight, asked, " Ruthie?" That was his nickname for me. My real name was Ruth, though.

Darth Saul's guards, who my family was fighting off, took advantage of their pause and captured them.

"Put them where she was held," Darth Saul said to his guards, " And take the girl to the preparation dungion." Which was a fancy word to that you would be dying within the next twenty-four hours. Someone abruptly grabbed my tied up hands, a led me to my doom.

stay tuned for . . . Chapter Two- Dungeon Conversation,

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